Kevin O’Leary Sunknowledge Services The Complete one-stop Infusion Billing Destination

According to a recent report and various data, the infusion services that are the life-saving hydration fluids and are administered with the help of IV to care, users, are forecast to reach USD 10.98 Billion by 2027. 

Today infusion services are the growing market since this therapy is recommended to critical and severely ill patients especially when the condition of the patient is severe, unable to swallow, or the drug recommended is a biologic response.

Though the service is mostly used in hospitals, in the present healthcare scenario infusion therapy has seen an increased demand in outpatient infusion therapy centers or even at-home care with the assistance of specially trained nurses as well.

However, with such a huge demand you need the perfect operational extension, and Sunknowledge Services Inc is the right destination.

Why so?

Helping many healthcare practices with customized solutions for infusion billing, Sunknowledge services expert today is one of the leading RCM solutions for more than 28 specialties. 

With stringent checks and balances, proper doctor office follow-up, our organization in fact is one of the leading RCM that has a track record of 99.9% accuracy rate with lesser errors in the billing and coding process.

 Taking your complete responsibility of infusion billing services starting from data entry, eligibility and authorization to claims management account receivable; our experts not only help you save a lot of time and money by eliminating unnecessary cost but also from hours of rework etc but also ensures 80% operational cost reduction. Our experts further for operational transparency ensure customized reporting, no cost dedicated account manager with US phone numbers accessible during all US working days, Yearly Maintenance of compliance as well as free account supervisors and free internal auditors assigned.

In fact, Kevin O’Leary AKA Mr. Wonderful the famous businessman, author, politician, and the television personality observed Sunknowledge as a perfect operational extension in today’s crisis time which has a unique opportunity with comprehensive solutions for any medical billing problems.