Kenny Deangelis And Pat Fitzpatrick Lead Mcmurray Stern’s Legacy Of Greatness

Not many people can foresee the future, but it is hard to believe that McMurray Stern’s President, Kenny DeAngelis, and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, ​​Pat Fitzpatrick, do not have the ability. 

McMurray Stern has long since defined itself as a leader in storage and automation; since its inception almost 50 years ago, McMurray Stern has remained an industry leader in the world of storage solutions. Somehow always one step ahead of the competition and the curve, DeAngelis and Fitzpatrick seem to be the seers of their industry. 

After graduating from Syracuse University with a BA from the School of Business, DeAngelis went on to work in management consulting with Ernst & Young. At Ernst & Young. For years after, DeAngelis worked in the Capital Markets group, where he helped raise equity capital for & worked in M&A for operating companies and real estate projects around the world. 

Now DeAngelis is serving as the President of McMurray Stern while simultaneously running Valore Venture, an investment firm that invests in operating companies and value-add real estate. 

“We are driving our newer automation business to match the current explosive growth that the industry is currently experiencing,” said Pat Fitzpatrick, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We are trying to achieve this through aggressive marketing plans that started with a complete revamp of our website and reworking of our entire marketing and business development approach.” 

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution under his belt, Pat Fitzpatrick’s resume is equally as impressive as DeAngelis’. Fitzpatrick has spent his career working on some of the most significant automation projects in distribution, effectively bringing his client’s businesses through a metamorphosis. Well versed in all aspects of automotive technologies, even advanced robotics, Fitzpatrick may as well be the Sherlock Holmes of uncovering efficiencies to transform clients’ businesses into the leaders of their industry. 

As the current Vice President of Sales and Marketing for McMurray Stern, Fitzpatrick’s unparalleled insight into the world of solution-based integrative transformations allows him to create tangible value for each project and client he brings on. 

Between these two men and their shockingly extensive accomplishments, it becomes much easier to wrap one’s head around their seemingly supernatural ability to predict the future of the storage and automation industry. 

DeAngelis comments, “My favorite part [of leading McMurray Stern] is creating a vision for the company and a strategic direction, thus setting up the company for future success.” 

From their partnership with Schaefer, one of the largest automation companies, to their FANUC Robotics and HAI Robotics relationships, it is evident that McMurray Stern will remain at the top of their field for years to come. 

McMurray Stern is dedicated to making projects more efficient and cost-effective as designers of quality automated systems, turn-key workspaces, custom shelving, robotics, and more. While this shift to automation allows for greater productivity, it also reduces overcrowding and pressure behind its labor force. They have helped a mass number of companies and have been able to improve their solutions in order to meet everyone’s needs.

From conception to implementation, McMurray Stern integrates storage solutions into a diverse range of businesses and spaces. Offering solutions to a novel range of industries, McMurray serves corporations and institutions that specialize in several companies, including athletics, healthcare, museum special collections, and military and government organizations. 

McMurray Stern’s reputation as the predominant leader of their industry can be attributed to their unrivaled foresight, diversity of solutions, and proud history of success and client fulfillment. 

“We listened to our clients and anticipated an evolution to automated storage solutions. Our capabilities and services expanded to get the companies we serve ready for the future. We are proud to call ourselves an industry leader in automated storage solutions.” 

Located in Southern California, McMurray Stern has a unique yet powerful presence in the storage industry. Having earned the trust of companies like Schaefer, FANUC Robotics, BBraun, Amgen, Oakley, and Kaiser Permanente, McMurray Stern continues to serve the business, agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing, government, military, athletic, grocery, and retail industries, now more than ever. They pride themselves on knowing that there is no product too delicate or space too challenging where they can make a difference.

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