Keeping Your rug Clean

Doing professional rug cleaning Toronto can be expensive but how expensive depends on the size and material it is made from.  To help prevent you from having to professionally clean your rug, do regular vacuuming and maintenance such as promptly treating spills and stains, and removing insects and dust.  Of course, for the treatment of more delicate rugs, such as those that are hand-knotted, made of wool or other delicate fabrics should be cleaned by a professional.  Also, if there are stubborn stains that you cannot remove, they will need professional cleaning. 

How to Maintain a Clean Rug

  • Vacuum regularly—for area rugs, you should flip it upside down at least once a month so you can vacuum the back of the rug. Use the rotating brush or beater bar to help push the deep down trapped dirt to the top of the rug.  Once this is done, flip it back over and vacuum the top as you normally would.  This should only be done on synthetic rugs.  Make sure when you are vacuuming your rugs that you do not vacuum the tassels or fringe because they can get sucked into the vacuum and torn.  Just fluff them by hand.  If you have a wool rug, only vacuum it a few times a month so you do not pull out the fibers and only use the suction on the front, and not the back.
  • Rotate the rug—this will help to even out the wear and tear on the rug because foot travel can beat tracks into the fibers of a rug. If you have furniture on the rugs you should also move the furniture regularly so you do not get uneven fading or impressions on the rug.  You should rotate your rugs at least once a month.
  • Storage and moving—if you decide that you want to store your rugs or are moving, you should roll them as tight as you can. This will help to prevent folds and creases from forming in your rug. 
  • Restoring color and shine—use a diluted vinegar mixture, one part vinegar to three parts water. Blot in the direction of the pile with a sponge and do it slowly.  Dampen, but do not soak the rug.  Let it air dry but not in the sun as this can undo what you did and bleach out the colors.
  • Insect infestation—this includes fleas, ants, or any insect infestation. Shampooing and steam cleaning are ineffective so you will need to sprinkle borax on the rug, leave it for 20 minutes, and then vacuum. Make sure you keep the pets away as it is a mildly toxic irritant.
  • Spots and stains—make sure that you clean them as soon as they appear. Blot the spot with a clean white cotton dry towel. Do not rub the stain but blot it.  Most stains can be cleaned with mild detergent and water.  Check your rug before using anything.  For stubborn stains use a professional rug cleaning North York