Keeping your Medical Marijuana Tolerance in Tact in 2023

Marijuana has been a hot topic for many years. The use of marijuana is not new. However, the ways have changed to use it. First, there was less permission to use marijuana openly because people were not much aware of the benefits of marijuana. As the benefits of marijuana started to unfold, people got to know the positive uses of marijuana. Since then, many countries have legalized the use of marijuana. Now, in many countries, marijuana is being utilized in many forms. A wonder is that some scientists have suggested the use of marijuana in medicines too.

Now the question is whether marijuana will be good for you or not. The answer is it takes time. Any new thing or edible product you add to your diet, your body needs time to accept that foreign substance. The body needs time to get used to it. So, your body may show some responses at the start, but slowly your body will start adjusting to the marijuana.

What are the ways to increase your tolerance for marijuana?

This is the most common question that pops up while thinking about marijuana. So, to enjoy the full benefits of marijuana, you have to make your body marijuana tolerant. But how can you do that? There are some ways or manners like try using a weed pipe through which you can increase the tolerance of marijuana in your body. The ways are:

Take breaks from cannabis use

If you are a newbie in the intake of marijuana, then you do not need to use it regularly at the start. If you start taking marijuana regularly, then your body will take it as a harmful foreign substance. Ultimately the body will react to it negatively. So, you need to take breaks during the use of marijuana. You can try taking marijuana twice in the first week, then thrice in the next week and then so on. In this way, your body will not show any harmful effects.

Once some foreign product comes into the body, the body does not take it as you have imagined. Your body will set the reactions according to your intake.

Gradually increase doses

This point supports the previous one. Taking heavy amounts of marijuana will do no good for you and your body. This will become a burden on your body, and you may have to seek medical assistance. So, the best is to be smart enough to make your choices. That means your body is different from others. Everybody will react differently towards marijuana. So, you need to know what type of reactions your body is giving towards marijuana. If your body does not have any harmful effects, then you can adjust the doses according to your body’s needs. If your body is not reacting positively, then your body may need more time to adjust itself.

Know the types of marijuana.

Marijuana is being used in many forms, and this thing makes its effects easy for people. Another popular product where marijuana is used is cannabis and vaping. So, these products take a small amount of marijuana and then use it. People do not have only one way the consumption of marijuana now and recovering from an edible hangover. You can have access to many more ways to the intake of marijuana.

Exercise regularly

Now just imagine that you are a regular user of marijuana and know that it is not healthy. This implies your body demands more types of receptors and reactions to occur so that the effect evens out. Exercising regularly may help in this situation. If your body has too many reactions to marijuana, then endorphin release becomes necessary. Exercise will release endorphin hormones, and you can be healthy while having the consumption of marijuana. So, to become marijuana tolerant, you have to take other fitness options seriously.

Monitor your usage

One important that consumers should never miss is monitoring the use of marijuana. If you are not monitoring the use of marijuana, then you will likely become addicted not tolerated. To become tolerant, you must act smart. That means you have to keep a check on your marijuana consumption. Keeping track will help you not get into hot water. As the medical marijuana industry evolves and more states legalize the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, it is important for medical marijuana users to be aware of their body’s tolerance for the drug. In 2023, the use of medical marijuana will be more widely accepted and available than ever before, and this means that the risk of overindulging in cannabis will be higher.

Know the strains

It is true that you cannot take marijuana directly. You have to add a small amount of marijuana to any product and then consume it. So, there are hundreds of strains available in the market. Now, the thing is, you have to check if your body is allergic to any type of strain. If you are not allergic, then you can do marijuana consumption. If you have or may develop an allergy to any strain, then you must avoid using that strain in your products. Maybe that specific strain, when mixed with marijuana, does any harm to your body. Maybe your body reacts to the mixture of strain and marijuana. So, a double check on it.

Know when to use

The best way to become marijuana tolerant is to know when to use it. Just imagine you are using marijuana for any medical reason. Maybe it calms you or gives you a relaxing feeling. Maybe you are using it for depression. So, when you start having the symptoms of anxiety etc., maybe that is the right time to use marijuana. So, if you are consuming when necessary, only then you ca become tolerant. In this way, you can get desired results.


In addition to understanding the different effects of different strains and forms, it is important to practice mindful consumption. This means being aware of how much cannabis you are consuming and staying within your own limits. Taking breaks between doses, if necessary, can help to keep your tolerance in check.

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