Keeping Your Cool: 12 Benefits of a Portable Chiller Hire

Imagine this: you’re at a PR event you’ve set up for your business. You’ve spent so much money on caterers, entertainment, decorations, and more. But then, one of your employees comes up to you.

“There’s a problem,” they say to you in a low voice. “All the seafood…it got too warm. We don’t have any food for the guests anymore.”

If you’re throwing any kind of event that requires refrigeration services, you need the right type of refrigeration technology. You can’t just use ice. You need a cold storage facility that can provide you portable chiller too.

This is where using a portable chiller comes in. This type of technology has many benefits, so it’s the perfect solution for your refrigeration needs, no matter what type of event you’re throwing.

In this article, we’ll cover all the benefits of portable chiller hire. Finally, you won’t have to worry about your drinks getting cold or your food spoiling. You can throw your event and it will go great. Read on to learn more.

1. Fast Delivery

One of the biggest benefits of using chiller rentals is how quickly the chiller arrives at your home, office, or catered event. You won’t have to pick it up, taking time out of your busy day when you’re already managing so many elements of your event.

Instead, the chiller hire company will bring the chiller to you fast. The second you call, they’ll have one of their drivers pick up the chiller and drive it to your location.

These chillers attach easily to the back of a truck or large car, which means that they just have to be hooked up and will be ready to go.

2. An Easy Solution

Sure, you could go back and forth between the building where there’s limited refrigeration room in the back, having your caterer employees spend all their energy transferring bottles of champagne and plates of cold food.

But this is quite complicated. Buying your own portable chiller is also a problem since this requires you to maintain it regularly and take it around with you to every event you cater to.

By hiring a chiller hire company, you suddenly have an easy solution to these problems.

Your caterer employees will have everything they need right in front of them, so they can focus on actually refilling champagne glasses and passing around hors d’oeuvres. As for you, you’ll have all the cold objects you need at your fingertips.

There’s no extra work involved when you’re using a portable chiller. Let’s not even get started with how much easier this option is than constantly refilling drinks buckets with ice.

If you like the idea of a portable chiller rental for your next event, here’s where you can see more.

3. Emergency Hire Options

Sometimes, you don’t know that you have a need for portable chillers until you realize that you have a ton of items you have to keep cool but nothing to cool them with. Whether you have more items than expected or the space you were going to use is taken…

It’s a scary situation to end up in! This is especially the case if you’re throwing an important event such as a wedding or a pricey PR event where you want to impress all your clients.

Fortunately, portable chiller hire companies offer emergency hire options. If you suddenly find yourself in need of a large cooler, you can call your closest chiller hire company and ask about an emergency hire chiller.

They’ll be at your event in no time, saving you from the disaster you were about to experience.

Everyone you wanted to impress will be impressed, and people will continue to have fun at your event without being distracted by the disaster.

This will also save you money. After all, if your food suddenly spoils because of an emergency, you’ll have to cook a ton of new food and lose the money you spent on the prepared food.

When you hire an emergency hire chiller service, you’ll have to pay for it, but you’ll be paying far less than you would otherwise.

4. Safe Transportation

If you’ve called a portable chiller company in advance so that they’ll transport the items you need to keep cool from the grocery store or fish market, it’s guaranteed that these products will be transported safely.

When you put a lot of money into the high-quality food for an event, you don’t want all that money to go to waste because it gets ruined in the transportation process.

Whether it’s the big wedding cake that needs to look perfect before it gets cut or bottles of wine you don’t want to break because you come to a fast stop in the middle of traffic.

Drivers hired by portable chiller companies are trained to drive the portable chillers safely. They also undergo background checks and have the driver’s license and insurance necessary to transport your items safely.

Additionally, you don’t want any of your event guests to suffer from food poisoning! A portable chiller hire will be set at the right temperature so that none of your food spoils. This is especially important if you’re serving seafood.

By allowing a portable chiller hire to transport the food and drinks for your events, they’ll manage all of this professionally. They’ll have shelves and packaging made specifically for the items they’re transporting.

They’ll also set the portable chiller at exactly the right temperature so that nothing spoils or freezes. When your items finally arrive, they’ll be ready to be served and enjoyed.

5. Cost-Effective

You might think that a portable chiller is pricey, but this isn’t the case at all. Because there are many sizes and refrigeration solutions available, this is a cost-effective solution. When you’re setting up your event, you can call up the chiller hire to talk about options.

Based on the number of objects you need refrigerated, type, how long you need the hire for, and how long the distance is from the chiller hire company to your event, there will be many different rates available.

If you find that one option isn’t affordable, you can come up with a creative solution that works for you. Many of these companies will also have payment plans that make hiring from them even more cost-effective.

6. Cheaper Than the Alternative

In addition to being cost-effective, hiring a portable chiller is cheaper than the alternative. If you don’t use a portable chiller and your food isn’t refrigerated properly, you’ll lose all the money you spent on it.

This is a huge loss, far more expensive to cover than the cost of hiring a portable chiller.

Additionally, buying your own portable chiller is a big investment. In addition to having to pay for the upfront cost, you’ll also have to pay for maintenance and repairs.

And if it breaks permanently…you’ll have lost all the money you spent on it.

Instead, you can hire a portable chiller, paying only for the amount of time you use it.

7. Quick Repair and Replacement

Portable chillers are always ready to go and ready for service. However, in the rare case of the portable chiller you’ve hired breaking down, the driver is an engineer who can quickly fix it for you. You won’t have to wait—which means no spoiled food.

Additionally, if there’s a serious issue with the portable chiller, the company can quickly bring in a replacement for you. Because they have a large stock of chillers and a big team of drivers, they can bring it to you fast.

8. Cold Room Replacement Option

If you run a restaurant or events space where you have a cold room, it’s essential for running your business. However, sometimes this cold room needs to be emptied out to be cleaned, or because you have to make some repairs to it.

In this case, you can hire a portable chiller as a cold room replacement option. This way, your food won’t spoil while your cold room is empty.

Additionally, your customers won’t have to wait for your restaurant or space to re-open. Instead, you can keep serving them as usual until you’re ready to use your cold room again.

9. Easy Installation

When you hire a portable chiller, there’s nothing you have to do. Instead, the entire process is handled by professionals. They’ll bring the chiller to you, after which they complete the installation. Depending on the company, this takes several steps.

If the portable chiller isn’t being used to deliver food and drinks to your venue, they’ll bring it to your event disassembled.

Then, when they arrive, they’ll set it up. They’ll also handle the power supply and setting the chiller at the correct temperature. Once it’s ready to put items into, they’ll let you know.

This is far less stressful than buying your own chiller and having to set it up yourself—or having caterers deal with it all instead of completing their other jobs.

10. Totally Portable

As the name implies, a portable chiller is portable. But it’s not just that the chiller can be delivered to any location. It’s also easy to set it up anywhere in your event space. Whether you’re throwing an event in a park or in a city, it’s easy to transport the chiller.

Because there are different sizes available, you can use a portable chiller even in the smallest of venues.

11. Works for Any Event

You can use a portable chiller for any type of event, whether that’s a wedding reception, festival, or corporate party. They can stand on any type of terrain and can be hooked up to energy sources far from them with the right equipment.

No matter how many people are at the event, you can also use a portable chiller. Because there are many different sizes available, you can keep as much or as little as you need fresh.

Additionally, portable chiller companies have many portable chillers available. So if you find that you need many at your event, you can simply let the company know.

Even if they’re servicing many events that day, they’ll have enough chillers for yours.

You can also speak with the company about choosing a portable chiller that goes with the aesthetic of your event.

12. Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you hire a portable chiller company, they expect that you’ll be satisfied with their service. They’ll offer everything that we’ve covered in this article. If you aren’t happy with your service, then you’ll get your money back.

All you have to do is speak with the portable chiller company about what their guarantee includes. It’s unlikely you’ll have any problems, but if you do, you’ll know that you’re covered.

This is yet another benefit that makes portable chiller companies cheaper than the alternative. You can’t really get a guarantee from the food you’re refrigerating yourself that it won’t spoil when your cold room stops working!

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