Keeping the Spark Alive with Friendspire

Online reviews are confounding. The sheer volume and variety in opinion within those reviews are too overwhelming.

In the “star systems” that rule the world of reviews, it is difficult to find something you genuinely like. You are essentially visiting places, eating food, watching shows, and reading books that “most people like.” If your tastes are more unique, the “stars” won’t be able to guide you. This problem bothered our co-founders and led us to create Friendspire as a solution to that problem.


Keeping the Spark Alive

While building Friendspire, our vision was to come up with a review system that was not just different, but actually useful and customized to people’s unique tastes. And here is what we have done to achieve it.


Asking People You Know

Friends make Friendspire run. They are the ones who leave reviews on books, TV shows, movies, restaurants, bars, and more for their ‘friends circle’ to read. These people are your friends and for a reason – they share your interests. So, if they like something, there is a good chance that you will like it too. So, you get to try things that you are likely to enjoy. Even if you don’t share similar interests with your friends, you know their taste and can determine whether an item they reviewed would be something that you’re interested in.


No Trust Issues Here

You know every reviewer. So, there is no question of mistrust. Trust is baked into the very fabric of the Friendspire universe.

You know that they are telling you the truth. So, when they ask you to watch a movie ASAP, you know you cannot miss out on it. And when they tell you to stay away from a restaurant, you just don’t go near it. No confusion, only straight-up answers.


Keeping it Humanly Doable

You are not browsing through 9000 reviews for a restaurant from people that you don’t know. Your Friendspire group is exclusive. And you are getting few but high-quality reviews from the friends you trust. You actually get to read each review, select the things you like, and create a library of your own. This is the library you can go to and pick out from when you are free.


Bringing in the Experts

And if all that was not enough, we have experts at Friendspire who have created detailed lists of amazing books, TV shows, movies, and restaurants that you must try. Every list is directed at a different consumer. If you are a sushi person, get the list of the best seafood restaurants; if you are into romantic comedies, explore the best romantic comedies ever produced; well, you get the drift. Using experts has also allowed new users that might not have friends on Friendspire yet to find trustworthy reviews. It truly has content for everyone.


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Feel Inspired

Friendspire helps you retain that spark that sets you apart from everybody else. Don’t lose it. That’s what makes you unique. We nurture it for you!