Keeping Cool This Summer: Energy Saving With Evaporative Cooling

The time of the year is on the verge of arriving when we roll on the bed and fight because our sweat is almost stuck to the sheets. Yes, we are all very familiar with that horrible feeling that summer carries along with itself. The heat and surplus temperature often takes a toll on our mood, and we feel agitated most of the time. The heat and humidity make everything uninteresting, and irritation is always at its peak. 

During Summer, we completely depend on air conditioners, even after knowing that they consume a tremendous measure of energy. Air conditioning services utilise refrigerants to throw out heat and moisture from a closed area and the process requires a lot of energy. People have still made air conditioners an inevitable part of their lives because most of them aren’t aware of a system that provides effective cooling without consuming energy at an air conditioner’s level. The key to maintaining your calm and being cool in summers with reasonable energy consumption is evaporative cooling. Well, to be honest, evaporative cooling systems are very underrated till date.

Evaporative coolers deserve recognition for using the best phenomenon to provide cooling.

Let’s Understand How An Evaporative Air Cooler Works

The evaporative air cooler is a forced ventilation system that cools the air temperature by resisting dissipation force. At the point where the water disappears, it releases liquid as a gas. The particles with the highest energy leave the water first, causing the temperature to drop. This is why fabric soaked on the temples feels great in hot weather. When the water evaporates, it does help to lower the temperature of the head. The functioning of an evaporative cooler is very different from how an air conditioner functions. 

A similar logic standard applies to evaporative cooling associated with the air in the home. In dry climates, a simple dissipation process can help lower the air temperature. If you make the surrounding air muddy at any time to feel cool on a hot summer day, you may feel this yourself. The evaporative forced ventilation system uses a similar idea but adds innovation to make the circulation more efficient and less chaotic than simply flushing the room with water and waiting for God’s intervention.

We are familiar with the fact that we need to generate a closed environment without any airflow to give an AC its best functioning. Well, closing the doors and windows is not a requirement when we talk about evaporative coolers. They need a steady flow of fresh air. Hence, an open door or a window beside the fan allows dry and warm air to flow into the cooler to evaporate quickly. Opening the windows can also let the humidified air airflow of the cooler which will make your home less humid. This may seem bizarre to traditional air conditioner users, but the whole process guarantees to satisfy you as well as the environment.

The optimal working of evaporative coolers also depends on the climate of the region that you live in. It is found that the coolers are appropriate and give their best performance in dry climates. Their overall effectiveness is recorded to be strangely less in areas with high humidity. So, the only downside as it seems is these cooling systems are not efficient in humid regions.

Here’s The Reason Behind It

The coolers depend on water to evaporate into the atmosphere. A location filled with dry air will make the whole process more efficient because water molecules are easier to separate and float in dry air than in moist air that is saturated with water. Evaporative coolers don’t function optimally in humid areas as there are more pumps of water into the air, making the temperature more humid. In that case, the cooler is less likely to evaporate water and make you feel cooler. Therefore, it is important to have a check of the climate of the region that you live in before you plan to buy any evaporative cooling systems.

Let’s talk about the advantages of switching over to evaporative cooling systems.

Compared with traditional air conditioning systems, evaporative coolers have two distinct advantages.

  • They are energy efficient and highly sustainable. 
  • It promotes sustainability because evaporative cooling service systems use less electricity to function.
  • Research indicates that air conditioners use approximately seven times more energy than any evaporative cooling system.

This happens because evaporative coolers just need to run a fan that pulls the airflow across the cooling pad. On the contrary, traditional air conditioning systems run through compressors to press liquid refrigerant into a smaller space and then move it through a heat exchanger to extract heat from the air. 

Evaporative Coolers Are Good For The Environment! 

Yes, if you use an evaporative cooling system to use less electricity, your carbon footprint will reduce automatically and you will pay fewer electricity bills. The system uses zero chemicals that affect the environment or the ozone layer, unlike an air conditioner.

Do We Really Need To Switch?

People for over a few decades continue to be ignorant when it comes to protecting our environment. The terrific harm that we do to the environment by using an air conditioner should come to an end.

The vigorous burning of fossil fuels leads to the release of carbon dioxide (commonly known as a greenhouse gas), which plays an active part in ozone depletion. We are already aware of the huge mass that regularly uses air conditioners worldwide. Hence, it is important to take a step ahead as a global citizen and do our part to give a sense of relief to the planet by switching to a sustainable option.

In a world where global warming is at its peak and getting even worse day by day, it is essential to unlearn and relearn things while upgrading for the betterment of the globe. If you have made up your mind to upgrade your quality of living and cooling while being a responsible global citizen this summer, then you’ve made the right decision. After all, we are all aware of how small steps and lifestyle changes can make a huge difference. Many companies sell evaporative coolers of different sizes that can cater to the diverse needs of people. Nowadays, portable ones have also made their mark in the market.

Is Sustainability Expensive?

The answer to this question is, fortunately, a ‘No’. The fact is, we can achieve sustainability at a cheaper rate when we talk about evaporative coolers because the cost of evaporative cooling systems is much less than air conditioning systems. Evaporative coolers are not only good for the environment but also give less stress to your pockets. Moreover, they are easy to maintain, thereby offering that much-needed peace of mind.

Note Of Conclusion

It is time to bid goodbye to your summer tantrums and welcome a sustainable cooling alternative that will keep you calm all day. We must also spread the word and make more people aware of a system that provides cooling through sustainability. After all, technology should not come at the expense of the environment. 

So, rock and roll this summer in your cooled rooms while striving to make this world a better place. Say hi to the new school evaporative cooling system.


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