Keep Your Website Safe from Various Factors Using Security Checkups Tools

For those who owned a website, it is quite important to keep their website safe. This is where professional cyber security checks come to ply. It is the process of protecting web apps and websites from unauthorized access and from being hacked. It is possible through installing a few extra layers of protection tools. As per a report, hackers develop more than 300,000 new types of malware regularly and make sure that your website doesn’t have one of them by scanning through Security For Everyone’s online security checkup tool.

A few major requirements for better website security

Well, a website’s security factor functions based on how the company integrated its security and other factors, for example, software, network type, hosting services and more. But the core factors remain the same for all. These are:

  • An SSL Certificate

Let’s understand how the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certified website works when the server tries to connect to an SSL encrypted website, the server or the browser request for identification. Then the webserver sends an SSL certificate copy to the server. It will be then verified by the server. Once all done, the web server will send a digital acknowledgement to carryout an SSL (secured) session. Using Security for Everyone’s Free Online Security Checkups Tools, you can check whether the site has an SSL certificate or not.

  • WAF- Web Application Firewalls

All most all the security team use WAF to protect websites and web applications from possible vulnerabilities and cyberattacks. After properly configuring it, you can prevent XSS attacks, session hijacking, SQL injection attack and more. The systems are generally deployed in front of the website, and then it analyzes HTTP traffic to prevent any malicious activity.

  • Website scanner

Don’t wait for the attack; you need to prevent it as soon as possible. A website scanner lets you carry out different cyber security checks to identify vulnerabilities, malware and more. Following the results, you can take steps accordingly.

Why should you keep your website safe?

  • To protect user’s information: A secured website store the user’s information encrypted and make it unreadable for the attackers.
  • Better SEO and Google ranking: Remember that all the search engine gives importance to a secure website and rank them accordingly. So, make sure that your website has an active SSL certificate.
  • Prevent any litigation: Having a highly secured website that keeps the personal information safe can help you in dealing with legal battles that generally arises after a data breach.

If a website is affected by DDoS attack or other malware, then it will not work properly. Use the Free Online Security Checkups Tools, and you can know all such factors that are affecting your site. Improve the security and this, in turn, will boost up the performance.