Keep Your Employees Safe by Having a Workplace Incident Report

Despite increased safety standards across many industries, accidents in the workplace are far too common. For this reason, many businesses have gotten into the habit of incident reporting.

Creating a workplace incident report anytime even a small safety slip-up happens in the workplace can help to foster a more responsible and safe environment for all people. 

What are the benefits of a workplace incident report and why should you ensure you have them being written up at your place of work? Read on.

Better Awareness of Potential Threats

We all do our best to plan ahead and think of all the risks that may present themselves in our line of work. However, we can only plan for so much, and you never really know what might happen until things are underway.

Since this is the case, you might not know the actual threats that face your business until it is far too late. This is not an ideal position to be in. 

Reporting incidents that arise in your place of work can help to raise overall organizational awareness of what could go wrong in the future. Even a minor issue, if reported, can help to prevent a major issue from arising somewhere down the line.

Incident reporting can help make your team aware of potentially faulty equipment, improper employee behavior, or oversights in your general safety and training procedures. 

Creates Urgency

If someone simply talks casually about something that happened to them, it’s easy for this story to fall through the cracks. When risks present themselves at your work, it’s important that serious action is taken.

Requiring your team to fill out an official piece of legal paperwork will ensure you’re on top of these issues as much as you can be. It will push the team you work with to come up with solutions and drive everyone to do their very best work.

The last thing you want is work that needs to be done languishing because no one took a small incident seriously enough.

Provides Space For Employee Feedback

Who would know better when it comes to improving your workplace safety than the person who experienced the incident? Requiring an incident report to be filled out provides a formal opportunity to learn how you might be able to better your safety standards from the person who is actually doing the work.

Perhaps they might realize, from their lived-in experience, that better safety apparel would help to resolve an issue, or perhaps new equipment might need to be brought in.

No matter what the suggestion is, it can be helpful to have space where an employee can step forward and be heard.

Benefits of a Workplace Incident Report

Any small business owner knows that creating a safe working environment will be essential and worth prioritizing. The above information demonstrates how a workplace incident report can play an important role in this kind of work.

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