Keep Worry Aside and Know How To Live a Life Free of Debts

Everybody dreams of living a life of comfort, of building and staying in a house with all the basic necessities. However, the dream becomes a nightmare when a person accumulates a lot of debt that he finds challenging to repay. 

None of us want to get into this situation, but be it an emergency or reckless financial habits, sometimes many of us find ourselves tangled in such a crisis. If you are in a similar situation, continue to read to learn how you can manage your debt. 

Let us look at some of the ways that you can go about managing debt.

  • Know your amount – You need to know how much you have in store to understand your financial situation. Spending more than you earn is a sure-shot way to decline the condition of your financial health. Don’t give in to temptations. Exercise discipline in your spending habits. Make a budget of the required expenditure as per your income and stick to it.
  • Be mindful of your purchases – It is always alluring to buy what’s new in town and flaunt it to those around you. However, being a little less of a “cool guy” or “cool girl” and watching what you are using your credit card for can be a relief on your pockets. Sales and discounts have a habit of creating an urgency to make us purchase items many of which we do not need. Don’t step into this trap. Instead, analyze whether you need your purchase item on your credit card.
  • Go for investment plans – Investment is one way to increase your savings and multiply your money. Investing in stocks, buying gold, government bonds, fixed deposits, mutual funds SIP, etc., are great ways to grow your money. Before investing in a plan, research the multiple instruments and find out which scheme is deemed fit for you to invest in. Seeking help from a financial expert will be beneficial in this endeavor. Besides, also ensure that you have invested in vehicle and health insurance. These prove to be great saviors in times of emergency.
  • Choose alternative measures – We are not asking you to forgo all that you would like to do in your lifetime in the process of debt clearance. What we are asking you to do is to make some adjustments. For instance, consider these examples.

Say you are concerned about health and fitness. Instead of opting for a gym membership, you can try doing yoga at home or going to the park for a walk in the morning or evening. If you like to travel, instead of taking a vacation, you can opt for a staycation, where you can earn along by exploring the places around you. Or, if you are a food connoisseur and like to try out different cuisines, instead of visiting the restaurant or ordering the food home, you can check out the recipe and sharpen your cooking skills as you serve the exquisite food item on the table. You get the idea!

  • Pay more than the minimum balance – Make sure that when you have lent a loan amount for a credit card, the amount you pay back at each regular interval is more than the minimum. Understand that if you pay the minimum balance each time, you will take a long time to clear the debt because most of your payment will be used to clear the interest instead of the principal amount you owe.


Money is the key to living the life you desire. It is always desirable that you adopt good financial practices. After all, you want to earn money to live a life of comfort and not end up paying interest to clear your existing debts.

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