Keep Customers Lining Up For Organic Herbal Teas with Quality Tea Leaves

If you have been an avid hot tea drinker, and your natural next steps are to establish a tea shop in your area of residence, then this piece of information is vital to your business thriving. 


Tea is only as good as its leaves – especially organic teas. The leaves are only great if they are made using the top-quality herbs. 


If you are based in Australia and are looking for herbs online in Australia in order to start your own organic herbal tea joint, then this one’s a special one for you to read. 

Entrepreneurs down the line of conducting their business, pick up many tricks, over the years, among all of these tricks that they learn, trying to negotiate favourable prices on their wholesale products. What they often forget is, trying to get down the prices of their wholesale best herbal tea rates can directly affect the quality of the organic herbal tea leaves they are trying to purchase. Each month skimming on their investment and maximising the profit, can make the business susceptible to a loss of customers and be the biggest driver of brand value being drowned. 

So, if you want to avoid that, then keep in mind – quality is key to a thriving business. 


Types of Organic Herbal Teas You Need to Buy For Your Australia Based Tea Store

The Classics: 


Always have in your inventory – stocks of classic tea leaves as they are the traditional teas that most first-time tea shop goers always reach for. Keep in mind that if you have a tea shop and are situated nearer to hotels that see more foreign stayers, then they’d expect to come to a tea shop, only to be greeted with teas that have been tried and tested over the years. So, having a good collection of classic organic herbal teas can give a sense of familiarity when needed. 


These are two of the most famed classics that you should serve at your tea shops:

  • Organic English Breakfast : Get the perfect traditional Sri-Lankan broken-leaf tea that knows how to hit the right tea spots in any and every customer that tries it. 

  • Organic Earl Grey : Earl Grey & Lady Earl Grey have an earthy character that is incredibly balanced with the flavour of bergamot. Anyone will thoroughly enjoy organic earl grey teas. So, stock up!


The Not-So-Classics: 

If you see an increasing number of young adults popping into your shops near your tea shop nowadays, then the best way to lure them into your tea shop is to go with the not-so-classics range of organic tea leaves. Stock them up as the newer generation is quite fluid in their choices and doesn’t quite like to limit themselves to a single favourite classic tea type. They prefer to experiment with whatever’s new and even give their honest feedback that could help your business thrive. 


Some Not-So-Classics Teas You Should Serve at Your Tea Shop Are: 

  • Organic Green : Who doesn’t love a good fresh and pure green tea that has no taste of bitterness and only the aromatic sweet taste of original green teas? Everyone does. Get your hands on these, and you will see customers lining up for them. 

  • Organic Assam : Assam tea is considered as one of the finest teas in the world and getting your hands on such top quality organic Assam tea is exactly what you need at your store. 

  • Organic Hibiscus : Hibiscus tea is one of the most trending tea types at the moment. It is low in calories and is caffeine-free as well. It is refreshing both as a cold and hot brew. So, definitely serve these at your store. 
  • Organic Black : Organic black tea is OG tea. It is as fresh, natural, and original as it can get. Everyone loves OG tea.