Kathmandu Day Tours

Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal is a bow-shaped valley surrounded by hills at 360 degrees. It is one of the most beautiful regions of Nepal flourished by rich culture and nature. Previously, Kathmandu was often revered by travelers as the place having more temples than houses and idols than people. With that being said, it is no surprise that there are lots of structures here in Kathmandu that are very significant in terms of religious values culture, history, and architecture. Kathmandu City Day Tour is ideal for travelers who visit Nepal for a limited timeframe or for those who have some leisure days before or after trekking in the Himalayas . Some of the must-visit destinations while traveling to Kathmandu include: –

  • Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath Temple is one of the 4 most important Hindus religious sites. It is revered to Lord Shiva and is believed to be self-created. This sacred Hindu site is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located by the bank of the Bagmati River and cremation rituals are also performed here. The main temple is of Pagoda style with gold pinnacle and in front of it is a huge bronze statue of Lord Shiva’s Vahana (vehicle), Nandi, the bull. This shrine is also popular for the Maha Aarati that is performed every evening.

  • Bouddhanath Stupa

Bouddhanath Stupa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also the largest monastery in Nepal. It was built around the 14th century in Mandala style that represents the Buddhist cosmos. The stupa is of dome shape topped with 13 steps gilded pyramid that represent the ladder to enlightenment. Below the pyramid is a cube that has the eyes of Buddha on all of the four sides and it is no 1 written in Nepali in place of a nose that symbolizes unity among all. Bouddhanath is located in the eastern part of Kathmandu Valley which used to be an ancient trade route. This monastery is the most important Tibetan Buddhist site located outside of Tibet.

  • Swayambhunath Stupa

Swayambhunath Stupa often known as the ‘Monkey Temple’ is located on a hilltop west of Kathmandu. Swayambhu literally translates to ‘self-sprung’ in Nepali. It is believed to be formed during 460 A.D and King Mandev later built it during the 13th century. This shrine is one of the most important Buddhist sites. The monastery consists of lots of monuments reflecting Buddhism and to get on the top from the main entrance, you will require to climb up to 165 stone staircases. The main shrine has a dome topped by a cube of Buddha’s eye and wiggly nose symbolizing unity in the four directions. On top of it is a spiral thirteen-step pyramid that denotes the steps to achieve Nirvana. And in front of the shrine is a Vajra.

  • Durbar Squares

There are 3 durbar squares in Kathmandu Valley- Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and Patan Durbar Square. All of these Durbar Squares are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These durbar squares are the royal places built by Malla Kings. Before the unification of Nepal, these palaces belonged to three different states. They consist of temples, monuments, water fountains, ponds, stone taps, palaces, gardens, open courts, and many more. Since these places were situated in three different states and belonged to three brothers of the same family, they have a war, but rather of a unique one. Instead of having the blood war, they participated in the competition of building more structures and monuments. Hence, now we have world-renowned structures among the world. 

  • Thamel

Thamel is the most popular tourist hub in Kathmandu. It’s a haven for tourists consisting of lots of hotels, restaurants, shops, and other activities. This region has been popular to the foreigners since 1970s when the hippies discovered it. This city is located at the heart of Kathmandu and is always lively. The nightlife of Thamel is one of the best ones in Nepal. You could find anything and everything in this city of narrow alleys. Sightseeing around in Thamel by the cycle Rickshaws and tasting the street foods can be another amazing and memorable experience.

  • Kumar Ghar

Nepal is the only place in the world where Living Goddess resides. Kumari, the living goddess is the incarnation of Goddess Taleju, a manifestation of Goddess Durga. Kumari is worshipped by both Buddhists and Hindus. The Royal Kumari lives in Kumari Ghar (Kumari House) located inside Kathmandu Durbar Square premises. Kumari Ghar is an ancient three-storied brick building with amazing wood carvings. It was built in 1757 by King Jaya Prakash Malla. Goddess Kumari appears to be looking out of the big carved window of the first floor. The tourists can enter the courtyard of the Kumari Ghar and if lucky enough, you might get an opportunity to see her if she is on the window. Looking at her even for a second is believed to be a blessing and protection from diseases/evils. Taking pictures here is strictly prohibited.

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