Justice Sought in Jackson, Mississippi Police Cruiser Fatality

October 30, 2023, marked a moment of tragedy and controversy in Jackson, Mississippi, after 37-year-old Dexter Wade was allegedly struck and killed by a police cruiser. The incident has sparked a call for justice from the family and civil rights attorney Ben Crump, particularly after Wade was buried in a potter’s field, unbeknownst to his family. The circumstances surrounding the fatal accident and the subsequent actions taken—or not taken—by local authorities have raised serious legal questions and prompted the involvement of Car Accident Attorneys and Mississippi Car Accident Attorneys.

The series of events began when Wade’s mother, Bettersten Wade Robinson, reported her son missing. It wasn’t until months later that she learned of his death—a revelation that came too late for a timely and dignified burial. The family’s grief has been compounded by what they perceive as grave injustices: a lack of timely communication from the authorities and the indignity of Wade’s interment without their knowledge. Legal support from Wrongful Death Attorneys is now crucial in seeking accountability and rectifying the wrongs done to Wade and his family.

The Event and Ensuing Legal Battle

Investigation and Accountability

As the investigation into the incident by local authorities continues, the family, represented by Jackson, Mississippi Car Accident Attorneys, is demanding a thorough and transparent inquiry into not only the crash but also the handling of Wade’s body and the delayed notification. The involvement of Attorneys is essential to ensure that all aspects of the case are examined, from the actions of the off-duty officer involved in the collision to the procedural failures that followed.

Legal Representation for the Wade Family

Attorney Ben Crump’s involvement highlights the need for experienced legal counsel to navigate complex cases involving potential civil rights violations and wrongful death. The family seeks to exhume Wade’s body to conduct an independent autopsy and provide him with a proper burial—a process that requires careful legal orchestration. In their pursuit of justice, the family’s legal team is dedicated to uncovering the truth and ensuring such failures in the system are addressed and rectified.


The accident that led to Dexter Wade’s death and the subsequent mishandling of his case has left many calling for reforms and accountability. The family, with the aid of their legal counsel, is steadfast in their pursuit of justice, transparency, and change. The situation has shed light on broader issues within the system that require urgent attention and has become a rallying point for advocates and community members alike. As the legal process unfolds, the family’s attorneys will play a pivotal role in seeking not only compensation but also systemic changes to prevent future tragedies of this nature.