Makeup has historically been a source of both peace and strife. While it has served as a brilliant way for people, especially women, to enhance their confidence and modify their appearances to feel good, there has been much debate about diversity in makeup  and a lot of gatekeeping. Today, the fire seems to have simmered down somewhat, with broad acceptance of the notion that makeup has more to do with what you feel comfortable in rather than something you’re pressured to do. Most women today tend to wear makeup  daily, stating that it accentuates their overall look and boosts their confidence. 

Since the demand for more beauty products has increased, companies like Just for Redheads are relentlessly pulling strings to cater to their customers. Founded by the talented redhead Paula A. Pennypacker, the company focuses solely on creating beauty products for redheads.

Just For Redheads is a globally renowned makeup brand that came into existence as a result of the founder being shocked at her own appearance on TV. In 1993, Pennypacker made an unsuccessful bid for the mayor of Toledo, Ohio. Seeing herself on TV wearing the black mascara she had always used led her to the realization that it wasn’t the best choice. She felt it made her look harsh.

Pennypacker decided to put her political career on hold and focus instead on introducing a beauty product range just for her fellow redheads. Together with her husband, Duane Abbajay, Paula designed a mascara for redheads and sold it through mail order. Their efforts did not go in vain, as more than 25 years later, Just for Redheads has expanded significantly.

It is marketed under the slogan, “Finally! Beauty products designed by a redhead, just for redheads.” With the aim of converting JFR into a global brand, Paula and Duane combined their marketing experience to develop the world’s first line of beauty products designed specifically for redheads. Their dedication and perseverance landed JFR and the couple on the cover of Costco Magazine. The couple was also featured in People Magazine.

Paula’s focus was always on creating solutions for her customers. Understanding the complexities of redhead hair and complexion and the lengths they have to go to   find the right shade of mascara or brow pencils, she decided to launch a redhead-centric makeup line. Today, JFR has a diverse product range, each carefully crafted with high-quality ingredients. The company offers several beauty products, from brow products to blushers, lip products, moisturizing skincare, shampoos, conditioners, and hair extensions.

The company’s most in-demand products are its 100% pure henna hair color and its mascaras sold in 4 shades: ginger brown, a warm brown without any black; ginger auburn, a warm auburn shade; ginger red, a warm red/brown shade, and ginger cocoa, a slightly blonde/brown shade. JFR’s products are shipped worldwide through retailers like Amazon and the company’s own website. To facilitate her customers even more, JFR has a special section that includes tips to all redheads on how to choose what products suit them best, from lipstick to foundation and more.

Gaining traction in a small period, JFR reached Gwyneth Paltrow, who wore its mascara in the movie, Bounce. The Weasley family from Harry Potter also decided JFR had the best mascaras for their gingers. Cynthia Nixon also wore JFR hair extensions in the Sex and the City movie.

JFR started off as a brand targeting redheads, helping them embrace their eccentric uniqueness. Today, it has evolved into a platform that advocates uniqueness. With her platform, Paula aims to help women love who they truly are.

Nancy Yates

Nancy Yates is a trend researcher by passion, a digital marketing expert, and a professional business and tech blogger. As a tech knowledge, Nancy Yates eagerly looks for the ins and outs of modern tech growths.