Julie Blackmer: An Influential Figure in Mediation and Family Law

Non-Executive Director and Co-Founder of Totally ADR Julie Blackmer has made a name for herself in the legal field thanks to her expertise as a Family Lawyer, Dispute Resolution Consultant, NLP Coach, Divorce Coach, and CMC Mediator. Throughout her extensive career, Julie has become a well-known figure on a national scale, particularly for her skills in mediating disputes in and out of Court, the workplace, schools and anywhere else including internationally where needed, including both on line (virtually) and face to face.

Julie has many specialties within her Family Law Practice and is ILSPA Advanced in both Civil Litigation, Family Law and Civil Advocacy. She has won many awards including 2022 Family Law Consultant of the year and 2022-2023 Family Lawyer of the year to name just two.

As a Divorce Coach, Julie has polished her skills to lead clients through the emotional complications of divorce. She takes a sympathetic approach to her work as a family lawyer, assisting clients in coping with their emotional pain and giving them much-needed assistance and guidance.

Julie has been working as a Family Lawyer, specialising in all areas of the Children’s Act 1989, since 2021. She has particular skills in instances involving the resolution of parental disputes, the establishment of appropriate visitation rights, and the sensitive handling of cases of domestic abuse and child abduction both in the UK and Internationally.

What separates Julie from the competition is her one-of-a-kind approach to child arrangement orders. She has helped a large number of Litigants obtain more permissive rulings regarding the care of their minor children by actively seeking out mutually agreeable solutions and avoiding judicial decisions whenever possible. She is also skilled in handling emergency injunctions involving Non-Molestation and Occupation Orders and minor Financial Remedy disputes and child care orders.

Julie is widely recognised as one of the most skilled mediators and negotiators in the industry. She is an expert in civil, commercial, court of protection, and workplace mediation and holds executive certifications in both fields from the International Career Institute. Landlords and Tenants in disagreement have benefited from Julie’s ability to encourage communication. Her versatility is further demonstrated by the fact that she is also skilled at Family Law and SEND Mediation.

US Insider recently recognized Julie Blackmer as one of the “Top Ten Life Coaches to Watch” for her expertise in coaching and mediation. Her ability to guide people through difficult life changes is a testament to her emotional intelligence, legal acumen, and creative conflict resolution tactics. This honor validates her rising profile in the life coaching industry and places her third on the list, just below the legendary Tony Robbins.

Due to her unusual background in coaching and teaching, Julie entered the legal field late in life. Her success can be attributed in large part to her enthusiasm for taking on difficult tasks and her commitment to learning about and guiding others. Julie’s persuasive qualities and agility inspire confidence in her clients as the Analytical Brain, Master of negotiation, and voice of reason in preparing cases for trial.

She has made significant contributions to the law, but she has also co-founded Totally ADR, a group of skilled and knowledgeable individuals who work together to resolve legal disputes. High-quality legal services and ADR options are guaranteed because of Totally Lawyers’ Bar Standards Board (BSB) License Access Accreditation, which allows them to instruct Barristers on their client’s behalf.

Totally Lawyers is a distinguished law firm that has won numerous awards, including “International Family Law Firm of the Year 2023,” “Family Law Firm of the Year 2023,” and “CEO of the Year Kent,” among others.

As a respected mediator and family court lawyer, Julie Blackmer continues to be a benefit to her clients and a role model to her colleagues. At the heart of her successful career is her commitment to empower people, promoting understanding, and finding peaceful solutions to difficult problems without resorting to the Courtroom unless  absolutely necessary.

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