Julian Brand: The American Actor, Writer, And Aspiring Producer

Julian is a professional actor from Los Angeles; you can experience new talent and skills by watching his movies. Julian Brand actor has been in plays such as The Music Man; it is a talent that he started at a tender age in his career.


He had his audition at 11 years for Harry Potter, and he was eager to continue with his acting career. When Julian was in school, he got a chance to be cast in a horror movie called The Music Man and played Tommy. The plays found him in the NYU auditions; he had more than 50 credits to his name within his freshman year.

Films Julian played

That is not all, and he was in the film The Wolf of Wall Street. That is not all, and he also had bigger roles that he played as Brad (Pink Zone-2014) and Mario (Dope-2015). In 2019, he was in Blue Heart, where he played Tyler. When asked about his experience, Julian stated that he is always excited about the roles and the humble exposure.

Julian has been a rising star plus a great and aspiring producer. He has become a household name because of his training, experience, and passion for acting.

Julian has been in other comedies and films alongside other award-winning stars like Sally Field. He got his inspirations from other actors like Jack Nicholson and directors like Paul Thomas Anderson.

Over the year, he has played in numerous comedies showcasing his bravery and vulnerability. Julian has fantastic skills on and off the screen,  playing different roles for different audiences. Most people know about him from his professional training and character development.

Julian continued his career and sharpened his skills for the numerous roles he got in college. Apart from being a talented actor, he is also a great storyteller, with experience creating a character that comes to reality when audiences experience the plays or films.

Julian as a producer

Being a producer, Julian has been able to experience a lot o on-screen and off-screen moments while working with clients. What Julian likes about his career is working with other people in a team setup, from the numerous roles he played and the great atmosphere working on a movie or play.

Other interests

Julian believes that it is entertaining to sit in front of a camera, but also he prefers juggling other objects. He also loves traveling and exploring the world. Another thing about Julian is that he has always been keen to learn new things.

When traveling the world, he learned Spanish and combined it with his life experience, and he has been able to connect with his audience all this time. By building his connections, Julian has clearly understood various characters and delivered a perfect story.

If you want to know more about this star, follow his projects and understand his moving and film-making experience. Julian is a Hollywood star who has worked with other celebrities for better and new challenges in the entertainment industry.