Joy.  Happiness.  Peace.  Diversity.  Inclusion.  Us humans, self-described top-of-the-food-chain, most intelligent species.  If we are really that intelligent, why does our behavior consist of:

  • Hate
  • Destruction
  • Killing

Why?  Why, in the United States, is suicide the second greatest killer of youth?  Why, with all our advancements in medicine, science and technology, are U.S. youth living shorter lives than their parents (and not by just a few days but by as much as 2-5 years shorter).  Why, in our supposedly educated western country, are U.S. youth less educated than their parents, and growing up to earn less?

Why do nations hate each other?  Kill each other?  Even kill their own people?  In Syria, for example, Syrians have killed several hundred thousand of their own people, and driven millions more completely out of their villages and the country.

And let’s not congratulate ourselves too quickly.  Here in the U.S., supposedly an educated, peaceful, democratic society, we are literally divided.  We are the DSA (Divided States of America), not our previous designation (United States of America).  Family members, states, political parties are literally in a state of hate – supposed adults cannot discuss modern issues and concerns.  We are utterly divided.  

Humans are all one species so why can’t we get along?  And why can’t we not only get along with each other, but get along with Earth and the rest of life on it?  You might respond by saying that actually humans are all different – different races, genders, nations, skin colors, sexual preferences.  But that is a grossly immature assessment, and completely untrue. Human beings as a species are 99.99% identical.  We all want exactly the same things:

  • To live in safely and peace
  • To live as we choose, in groups and communities in every corner of the world
  • To work hard for the things we want, and to be able to enjoy the results of our efforts
  • To raise happy, healthy, prepared youth (our offspring, our future)
  • To love and be loved

If we are truly the most intelligent species, then why can’t we choose to live in peace?  The answer is … we can.  But … will we?

What follows is not going to be popular.  It is not what people want to hear.  But it IS factual and true, and must be said and heard. We can MAKE A CHOICE to live in peace – peace with Earth, with all of life on it, and with each other.  But we have gone VERY far down the path of dominance, destruction, and extinction of species after species, and to correct the damage we have done over many decades is going to take maturity, wisdom, sacrifice.  Question:  Are you and I willing to sacrifice so that upcoming generations will inherit the same quality of life that our ancestors enjoyed?

Sadly, the answer to this question is NO.  We are all for improving this and that, fixing the climate, handing out condoms – as long as it doesn’t cause us any inconvenience.  We have become immature and lazy.  We have created huge, contentious governments, bullies.  We allow our government to do and say what we would never do or say as individuals.  Yes, as nations we are bullies.  We want to have our way – and in our childish opinion, everyone who is IN our way needs to be removed.

How do we fix this problem?  By deciding to live in peace – in peace with Earth, with all the rest of life on it, and with each other.

Yes, we can return to living in peace, and there are only 2 things required to make this global transition:

  • Unity
  • Numbers

Even a small number of us, united, can literally move mountains.  United, we can have ANY LIFE WE CHOOSE.  But to unite, something is required – a Vision or Mission.  Something bigger than your and my individual needs – something that all of humanity can unite around.

You might be saying that humans are too different and could never unite, but that is not true.  We can choose to come together, especially when the alternative amounts to nothing less than the killing and destruction of Earth, the rest of life on it, and each other.  And make no mistake – we are already WAY farther down that path than we realize.

We said that we need a Vision or Mission for humans to unite around globally.  But how are we going to get this Vision?  Who will create it?  The answer:  the ONLY Vision that you and I and people in every corner of the world will unite around, is a Vision that WE create.   Our mission at A Return to Peace, LLC, is to be the repository and producer of this Vision.  Our job is to receive your input as to the required contents of this Vision, and then to publish successive versions of this Vision in a popular version such as a video or documentary.  But to do that, we need input from you.  So you must act.  The required action is to provide us with a point of contact so that we can begin a dialogue with you.  There is no cost or obligation involved, so … what are you waiting for?  Go to our website ( and join us.