Joseph Mbah, A Passionate, Dedicated And Talented Film Director, And Cinematographer

Every person is born with an innate characteristic, something that they excel at. Some people are exceptionally well at teaching, others are good with medicine and medical procedures. Some people perform well at sports while some people have unbeatable singing techniques.

Whatever a person’s talent might be, it turns to passion only when the individual becomes dedicated to taking it to greater heights and making a mark in their respective industries. With passion, a motivational spark in oneself is ignited that urges the individual to struggle for achieving success and brings them face to face with the ultimate cliché, hard work.

The only way a person can achieve greatness is through working tirelessly and putting in ceaseless efforts. Nothing great in life is simply handed over; the baseline in acquiring success is through crafting a plan, setting a goal, and working day and night to make a dream come true.

People who are respected and idiolized today belong to the circle of the population who stayed true to their passion and worked hard to pave the way to the top. One of the most distinguished people when it comes to taking their passions seriously and working hard to achieve success is Joseph Mbah. Transitioning from the Air Force to film making, Joseph Mbah is creating hype in the world of entertainment.

Born on October 12, 1990, Joseph Mbah opened his eyes in Nigeria but moved to the US with his family pretty soon. A student at the Cathedral City High School, Joseph found himself leaning towards filmmaking during his Senior year in high school . Joseph recalls having a wonderful English teacher who encouraged the students to create projects by themselves instead of regular projects. Joseph was pushed beyond his limits for creating an excellent project, and he enjoyed every minute of it. At the time, Joseph’s brother was an actor. He would bring home lots of scripts for rehearsing his role in different pieces, and Joseph would be the one reading those scripts with undying interest.

However, Joseph was enrolled in the AFJROTC during high school. He planned on joining the Air Force once he finished his ROTC in college. And it wasn’t until his mother approached him saying, “You really need to rethink, I don’t really see it this way. I see you doing something that comes more natural to you,” that Joseph realized where his passion truly lay. Upon giving a huge amount of thought as to what his mother had said, Joseph decided to make a short film as part of his English senior year project, vowing that if it went well, he would pursue a career in filmmaking.

Growing up, Joseph watched movies starring Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger,  and Jackie Chan. But the one movie that made him realize what a movie is and how it can make a person feel was Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight. Joseph was already fascinated with filmmaking before he even saw the film, but after he watched the movie, he understood the power of cinema. He began writing his first script, and after he had finished, he borrowed his friend’s dad’s camera and ran outside to shoot the script. Joseph loved every minute of doing the project and decided he wanted to pursue filmmaking, even if he never got paid for it.

Soon after, Joseph began looking for a college that was offering a filmmaking course and was affordable. Joseph stumbled upon Paradise Valley Community College in Arizona and got enrolled in the program. He did a little bit of the film program there, and spent most of the time going out working for people and just getting the experience from shooting different pieces.

Initially, Joseph moved to Arizona to study, but he ended up staying there. Since his family lived in California, he would have greater opportunities out of LA and California, but Joseph preferred taking the process slow and learning things in his own time.

He started shooting videos in his mother’s garage and putting them on YouTube. He began doing little after effects projects and short films. But he couldn’t reach out to the high-end people belonging from the industry. Eventually, he started working in the IT and call center world, writing scripts and shooting films side by side.

However, Joseph soon realized that if he wanted to reach the top, he had to reach out to artists belonging from the entertainment world. So, he started reaching out to local artists, who were looking to shoot music videos. Joseph would shoot their music videos for free. Sometime after, he began shooting what he calls his “$50 music videos.” Joseph used to approach people saying, “Hey, everybody needs a video these days, just come out, and we’ll figure it out. All it will cost you is $50, I know your struggle with money, it doesn’t matter.” Shooting music videos really helped Joseph to practice and sharpen his skills. Soon, he got landed with his first cinematographer gig on the feature film from one of the higher up directors working in Arizona.

The more he started to go deep in the industry, the more he began to get introduced into the film community in Arizona. In 2014, Joseph got a gig as a camera operator on a traveling reality TV show. In 2017, Joseph directed Genesis: Fall of the Crime Empire with Nick LaRovere. The following year, he directed two short films and the horror film, Krampus Origins starring Maria Olsen.

Last year, the talented director gave the film world an exceptionally outstanding action-thriller, Expo, directed by Joseph, produced by Amber Thompson and Nick LaRovere , which is a tribute to the action movie classics of the ‘80s.

As of toady, Joseph Mbah continues to work on amazing stories with the goal to tell engaging stories that not only entertain but also provide an emotional experience to his audience!