Jokes are essential part of humor

Jokes are the very important part of the life. Hence we are discussing about how results in humor jokes and how humor plays the important role in different aspects of human life.



  1. Humor increases productivity.
  2. Humor reduces anxiety and stress. People who listens Santa banta jokes report less stress and anxiety.
  3. Humor stops burnout.
  4. Humor offers motivation. The use of husband wife jokes in organizations is associated with improving morale among workers.
  5. Humor increases paycheck.


  1. Humor increases overall brainpower. A dose of humor releases serotonin that improves focus, brainpower and increases objectivity.
  2. Humor improves power of decision-making.
  3. Humor enhances the acceptance of new ideas. 
  4. Humor activates new connections. 
  5. Humor increases one’s ability to solve problems.


  1. Girlfriend boyfriend jokes make you to listen. 
  2. Humor progresses memory retention.
  3. Humor increases persuasion. 
  4. Humor assists in learning, reduce classroom anxiety, and create a more positive atmosphere.
  5. Humor improves likability. 


  1. Humor connects us with others. 
  2. Humor nurtures rapport. 
  3. Humor decreases status differentials and build trust 
  4. Humor motivates collaboration. 


  1. Humor increases perceived leadership skills.
  2. Humor diffuses conflict relations. Hence, you must read Santa Banta jokes from Indyaspeak website.
  3. Humor creates opportunities. 
  4. Humor creates credibility. 
  5. Humor improves ratings.

There are so many advantages of jokes as jokes lead to humor. So, you must start reading jokes from Indyaspeak. There are many jokes on this website. These jokes are from various categories. Jokes also help to reduce anxiety and stress. These jokes can be shared with your friends’ relatives and family members.

Jokes prevent a person to become more anxious and develop coping mechanisms to manage stress. It helps to break unhealthy patterns like taking alcohol or drugs and inspire to lead a healthy life. Experiencing anxiety is not under one’s control but reading joke is quite important. Hence, make a habit to read jokes.




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