Joining the Messenger Bot Movement: 6 Ways to Automate Your Marketing Strategy

Who doesn’t love a set-it-and-forget-it solution? Technology is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives, and the way we manage customer interactions and marketing is no different. Imagine what you could accomplish with just one extra team member or forty extra hours in the week. By automating one or more of your marketing strategies, you can free up your team to put the human touch on more pressing matters. Not only that, but you can expand your marketing reach as well. 

Take, for example, those marketing mavens who’ve tried their hand at tech-forward marketing strategies, such as virtual offices from providers like iPostal1. Though a virtual office is great for automating your administrative needs (i.e., automatic phone forwarding and mail forwarding), this future-friendly marketing solution can also give you a foothold in new cities, expanding your market. Having a local address in your target market boosts your visibility and your credibility in one fell swoop. 

That said, it can be intimidating to hand vital functions over to a machine. After all, your brand’s reputation is your baby. But, in today’s plugged-in world, automation is quickly becoming table stakes for digital marketers. Here are six automated marketing strategies that will have your mind at ease and autopilot engaged in no time. 

Start a drip campaign

The problem with casting a wide net is that the holes are too big to catch any fish. In your email marketing campaigns, you may have list-wide emails that send to all of your leads at once, but this approach often isn’t precise enough.

Try using a drip campaign to improve your click-through and conversion rates. A drip campaign is an email marketing campaign that tailors itself to each lead’s behavior. For example, a drip campaign might first send a tailored email to a new customer and then specific promotions and information based on which products the customer looks at afterward. The name comes from drip irrigation, and just like drip irrigation waters crops, drip email campaigning can nurture your leads into sales.

Explore chatbot marketing

Facebook reports that two billion messages are exchanged between consumers and businesses each month, and over half of consumers say they’d rather message online than call customer service. The need for online messaging is clear, but employing a messenger bot or “chatbot” can streamline the process. 

Chatbot providers claim that up to 80% of customer inquiries can be resolved via messenger bots, dramatically reducing the human resource needed to run your online customer service management. 

Chatbots can also be used as the first point of contact on your website, alerting your leads to special promotions and product launches. If a virtual office is like your receptionist, imagine chatbots as the smiling employee giving your customers the grand tour.

Automate your social media post schedule 

Keeping up with social media can be dizzying. You’ve probably got a snazzy social media manager to design all of your posts, but with multiple posts a day across different platforms, it’s easy for content to slip through the cracks. Solve this problem by using software like HootSuite to post your content automatically according to the schedule you set. 

Send “abandoned cart” reminders

Likely, you’ve already automated your email marketing to some extent, but there’s always room for improvement. Buyers who are on the fence might load up an online cart but never follow through. Give them the extra conversion nudge they need by automating a “Don’t forget your cart!” email. 

Segment your lists

Your customers are probably as diverse and varied as the products you sell. Naturally, not every product or announcement is going to apply to every customer. Say you have one lead who’s a grandmother living in Texas and another who’s a 26-year-old single man in Brooklyn. Geographically and demographically, these consumers will have different interests. 

Automation tools can segment your customer data based on factors like location, age, and past buying behavior. Using an automated segmentation approach can help you target your news and promotions to the leads who want them the most. 

Machine marketing analytics

Slogging through dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of customer data points is a monumental task. Instead of setting some poor salaried Sisyphus on your marketing analytics, use a software tool like Cyfe to take care of it. Simply input your key performance indicators or KPIs, and your software tool will do the data digging for you. 

Parting shot 

Imagine if every single traffic light in the world had to be operated by a human being. Everyone would be stuck on their morning commute for years. Automation can be intimidating, but robots and computers are our friends. Using these six automation strategies, you can go from person-hours to computer power.


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Time Business News Editor Team