John Sharkey Going Above And Beyond As A Bassist

Bassists are the industry’s backbone since they have the power to spruce up the songs by connecting them with the beat. Every song requires a certain beat, which only bassists can connect with and bridge the gap. In fact, in a rock band, the bassist serves as both a drummer and a guitarist.This is the major reason they are celebrated in the industry.

When addressing the industry’s leading bassists, one name comes to mind: John Sharkey. Throughout the years, he has repeatedly demonstrated that his abilities are unrivaled, and that he can actually add a relevant beat to any song with his amazing talent. This is why he has collaborated with big bands such as 9th Street Bodega, Karen Iris, and Circus of Power, among others.

An Outstanding Bassist

John Sharkey has exceptional skills that have earned him recognition in a short period of time and have prompted people to enjoy his music. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, he attended Bishop Ford Central Catholic High School as well as Fort Hamilton. Ever since he was young, he admired the music industry and worked hard to one day appear on stage and showcase his skills in front of millions of people. After graduating, he took it as an opportunity to finally make his dream come true and entered the music industry.

Since 2012, he has been working with the band Circus of Power, where he has produced some outstanding song revivals and even released new songs, resulting in a huge breakthrough in the industry. Circus of Power is a well-known name in the music industry, and true music enthusiasts are familiar with the original history. Formed in 1985, the band rose to prominence before disbanding and calling it quits in 1995. This was a huge heartbreak for music fans, who feared their musical adventure had come to an end.

But it wasn’t all. In 2006, the band surprised its fans by announcing two gigs, the first in Texas at Elysium and the second in New York City at Don Hill’s. This is where they revived old songs, taking the audience on a nostalgic journey. When the band reunited in 2014, Sharkey became the leading bassist and was responsible for bringing about a shift in the music industry.

A Versatile Artist

Apart from being a fantastic bassist, John Sharkey possesses a variety of additional skills. He is also a successful actor, having made a music video for his own band. He is recognized for his roles in Circus of Power: Quick and Easy (2017) and Circus of Power Featherweight (2017). (2017). Jyrki 69: American Monster (2017) and Circus of Power: Princess of Mars (2017) (2018). He is presently working at LAPWP and has previously served in the IBEW.

The path to success necessitates going above and beyond, and John Sharkey has demonstrated that he has the necessary talents. Reaching the summit of his profession just required him to take one step, and all of his hard work is finally coming to fruition.