GIS MIDSTREAM is one of the largest and most diversified oil and gas firms in the industry possessing storage facilities in Houston, Rotterdam and Qingdao and a huge storage capacity of about 57.1 million m3.

Although, GIS MIDSTREAM started out as a small intrastate natural gas pipeline operator, the company has spent about 25 years in operation and has successfully served several clients especially key players in the industry.

However, the success of every company can be attributed to its workforce and certain people who have served as pillars, working tirelessly to ensure the company’s growth.

This is true for GIS MIDSTREAM as the story of this oil firm will never be complete without the input of great minds like John Mathus.

John Mathus is a partner with GIS MIDSTREAM LLC. He is also the Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of board of directors. He has held the position of Chief Executive Officer for about 25 years and this is a proof that John Mathus has been a leader in the oil and gas industry for more than three decades. This explains his responsibility as the one who oversees every strategic direction of GIS MIDSTREAM

John Mathus boasts of more than 35 years working experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. He also has about 30 years experience in the offshore oilfield engineering and construction industry serving in managerial positions relating to market development, project management, engineering and construction. He has served as the field director at GIS MIDSTREAM since its inception due to all the skills and expertise.

John Mathus possesses a variety of qualifications in different fields in the industry making him very valuable and instrumental to the energy industry. As regards his education, John Mathus has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Istanbul technical university and also a master’s degree in Economics. He is a honors graduate of the University of Bilkent.

Before GIS MIDSTREAM became a part of John Mathus story, he worked in OMV and its subsidiaries as a Field Director overseeing all operations of OMV in North America. He joined OMV in 1985 and worked effectively for five years before leaving.

At OMV, his utmost responsibility was to grow the company to market position in subsea installation and he was successful with this as OMV is currently the largest subsea company in the Gulf of Mexico.

John Mathus has always worked with so much dedication and he is very passionate about what he does. Therefore, it never comes as a surprise when he leaves a footprint of success in whatever company he is found. GIS MIDSTREAM is not an exception to this.