John Hill: A Prolific Thriller Story Writer

Prolific Writer John Hill was born to migrant farmer parents in Hawthorne, Nevada, and later positioned into a foster care program in 1955. Until the completion of his high school graduation in the year 1964, he stayed in foster care. Fast forward to his adult years, John Hill finished his BS degree and then Masters in Business Administration. Working in a diverse background in private and public organizations, the latest introduction of John Hill is of an esteemed author. He has the credit of publishing two books previously. His first Book, Dreamer in The Fields, My Life as A Migrant Farm Worker, published in the year 2010, is to date hailed as the story of inspiration. His second book, The Sermon at the Coliseum published in the year 2018.

“He particularly garners the appreciation for using his experience to involve the reader in a delightful manner through his words. His writing style is hailed by a large number of readers who endorse his writings as intriguing, engaging, and captivating.”, stated the Promotion Executive of Mr. John Hill’s book.

John Hill’s Book

Mr. Joshua Blake said: “In the recent press release statement, we are introducing the public to his latest book, The House at 1806 N. Canyon Drive. Giving a sneak peek of the new book, he shared the story based on the kidnapping of three black babies in 1874, 1944, and 2014 that led to the cold cases until authorities discovered a woman and her family lineage. Here the story reveals the suspicious mystery of the 70 years apart babies’ abduction. The ongoing interrogation and case inquiry by the character of local police, Sheriff & FBI captivates is sure to excite the reader as it will reveal the plot from the start and unlocks the secrets with a surprising end of the story. The story plot is one that can interest readers of all age groups. Certainly, it is the specialty of John Hill scripting, and somewhere he attracts the interest of every reader with an insightful approach to the story. The best quality of John Hill’s works is that he holds the attention of bibliophiles until the very end.”

We cannot reveal much of the story due to copyright issues. However, what we can claim is that the book is a crowd-pleaser. It hints that it covers the interest of a large number of readers. Although the script of the book apparently falls in the thriller, suspense, and mystery genres – this piece of writing is ideal for the general public. The booklovers will meet fascinating characters for sure, but the house is an unusual character in itself. The story script shall be considered a treat for bookworms who love to lose themselves in a totally majestic world of some characters and still tread the path of mystery with the author. I will take an informal route and tell you whether you are boarding a plane, sitting on a bus ride, or just in the cozy corner of your room – The House at 1806 N. Canyon Drive will make readers lose themselves in its mystery. The book encloses in itself a compelling narrative that bibliophiles shall enjoy. It is a literature treat for book nation and book lovers from all backgrounds. Author Mr. John Hill is enthusiastic about having readers explore the world he has created through his skilled craftsmanship. As he believes writers are architects who construct ideas, notions, stories & also joy, countless emotions & feelings with their words.”. The Promotion Executive ended the press statement on a happy note.


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