Jobs one can get after clearing the FE exam

FE is an examination that every engineer prepares for in his lifetime, usually after his / her degree course is completed. The exam has also been referred to as the Engineer in Training (EIT) exam, but the FE stands for Engineering’s Fundamentals. It initially has also been known by the name of Engineering Intern (EI) exam. This, along with the Principles and Practice of Engineering examination, is compulsory for validated and considered a Professional Engineer in the United States. The examination’s governing body is the NCEES (National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying).


The requirements for the examination are location specific. While some states have practically no requirement thus allowing the candidate to take the exam even before passing their degree course, some states have made it compulsory for an engineering degree to be the minimum necessary to appear the examination. A good approach is to do a lot of FE exam practice before appearing for the official exam.

Mode of examination:

It is practically closed book with the allowance only of some specified calculators as per the mandate of the NCEES. The calculators are Casio fx – 115 and fx – 991, Hewlett – Packard 33s and 55s, and Texas Instruments TI – 30X and TI – 36X. The examination is carried out as CBT (Computer Based Test) in NCEES approved Pearson VUE centres.

Cost of the examination: 

The FE examination costs only $ 175 per applicant.

Training and preparation: 

Although FE is not a tough examination, it still requires proper dedicated hard work on the candidate’s part. All their concepts from the degree course must be mastered by the candidate to easily pass the examination. A candidate may prefer to use the help of online as well as offline training courses. Some extraordinary FE exam preparation courses are:-

– School of PE

NCEES FE exam prep course

– PPI2Pass FE exam preparation course, etc.

Passing score:

It is not disclosed to the non – examinees but has been generally seen to swing between 70 – 80%.

Career options after clearing the FE examination:-

– Engineering Intern: – Such individuals are hired for $ 18 – $ 19 per hour of work they render.

– Research scientist: – The salaries of such persons are well around $ 60,000 to that of $ 80,000 per annum.

– Engineering specialist: – They have a salary of $ 40, 000 to $ 50,000 approximately per year.

– Engineer Assistant: – Salary – $ 56,500 – $ 66,000 per year.

– Structural engineer: – Salary: – $ 70,000 – $ 120,000 per year.

– Public Sector Units (PSUs) are also hiring the candidates who have cleared the FE examination.

– Integrity engineer

– Associate transmission engineer

– Project coordinator

– Graduate engineer

– Specifications engineer

– Staff engineer

– General (inspector) engineer

– Substation engineer, etc.

The other options for a candidate having completed the FE examination successfully are:-

  1. The qualified candidate is eligible to sit for the US Patent Office’s Registration examination to become a patent attorney or a patent agent.
  1. The candidate may choose to become an entrepreneur. Being self – employed is not just a trend but also a safe and profitable decision. The candidate can avail the dedicated loan for entrepreneurs from banks with the help of their certificate.
  1. Pursue higher studies such as MBA or Masters in Engineering and Technology.
  1. Enrol as a tutor for an online or offline training/coaching organisation and share their talent.
  1. Consider getting certified. Certifications have become the crux of hiring and recruiting nowadays. Thus, it should be beneficial for the candidate to undergo certification with a desirable certificate for their dream jobs.
  1. Join the defence or internships. Defence academies recruit technicians with appropriate qualification, and you may be eligible for some post that has recently vacated. Try them out or acquire internships that will gain you experience and knowledge as well.

FE examination is an examination that has compulsorily be taken by an engineering candidate if he or she wishes to practice engineering lawfully and officially; along with another examination. Once having cleared the examination, there are several options a candidate may consider. Several career options that can be regarded as after passing the FE examination have been mentioned above.