Jobs in Canada, Jobs in Canada for Foreigners, and Govt. Jobs in Canada

Everyone has the right to spend satisfactory life. Having all the resources and facilities that are needed for wonderful expending life. For such reasons, many of us are struggling hard for the purpose to achieve all the prosperity and accomplishment. However, many abilities are found that provide all the facilities and capabilities that help us to prove ourselves and to attain a stable way of life.

Many people are seeking jobs in their country or in foreign countries that are according to their skills and education. And have all the basic facilities plus have a good salary too. Several countries deliver hundred of jobs to worldwide employees but select those who are willing or fulfilling their demands. Furthermore, Canada also provides a good opportunity for people to have good jobs with accepted-salary. These jobs are not just for their Canadian citizens while foreigners can also apply for these jobs. And avail an interesting chance.  

Jobs availability in Canada for Foreigners?

Yes, it is very easy to get a job in Canada but if you are a permanent citizen or are an immigrant. But also other foreigners can apply for it but these will be private jobs. That does not have any Canadian identity for it. But one just needs to apply for a permit work letter. This will allow one to get a job in Canada. Many companies need IT managers, clerks, distributors, electrical engineers, and many more. If you have graduated from an acceptable university and have the ability and capability. Then you will consider the good choice for the entrepreneurs. And you will have many chances to succeed and to achieve your goal. You can enjoy the luxury of life by getting the best job in Canada. Sometimes, numbers of companies need clearance reports which are very difficult for foreigners to provide it. Because they should bring this report from the country, he belongs to. So one can’t go back to their country and apply for such a report and then bring it back to Canada. Yet it is very hard to apply and get chances in it. While one can also apply for private jobs that will pay you good money with all the basic expenditures including staying, food, vehicle facility, etc. Additionally, if you are interested in achieving a job in Canada then you can do it and avail yourself of it easily.

Is it Easy to get a government job in Canada?

Most people are struggling to get a government job in Canada just to improve their life status and rejoice in the advanced facilities of such a developed country. Gaining a government job in Canada is possible but it has some basic requirements that one should be fulfilled. Before fulfilling that one can not avail Canadian government jobs. These requirements are;

  1. You must have Canadian Nationality. Or you must have a permission letter for work. Without this letter, you are permitted to join or apply for work. This is a form of permission that you get from Canada ambassadors that allow you to show your skills and accomplish your jobs in Canada.  
  1. If you are Bilingual then you are extraordinary. Yes, you can speak more than one language, major languages such as Spanish, French, German, etc. Then you maintain a high standing position in your job. And you will also be paying a very good salary. You will have to pass the written and oral tests in a very language so, before applying to a job you must polish the second language that helps you to pass your language tests.
  1. Before applying search out about the firms or jobs where you have applied. This will be good for you to have extra knowledge about the job, its salary, and which types of facilities it gives to their employees. You can also communicate with others employees that are a part of that varied job. It will help you in approaching the job easily.

How many jobs pay in Canada?

The main purpose of getting a job in Canada is due to the high paid salary. That attracts the attention of the people and compels them to apply and get a job in Canada. And that is why foreigners expense multiple amounts for obtaining a good opportunity of getting a job in Canada. The team of statistics in Canada provides an hourly update about the daily wages of jobs in Canada. According to them today Canada pays an average salary per hour of $26.83/hour and the yearly amount is $55,806.40 based on a 40-hour working week. This is very fine money for an employee. Along with this average salary, the employee is also given more facilities such as room or apartment, transport facility and more other. If the owner or head is satisfied with the performance of the employee that bonus is also awarded to them. However, doing a job in Canada is not that much easy which it seems like. There are additional tasks that need your full ability and capability.


Canada is regarded as one of the most favorable places for employment. There boost salary plus all the facilities that are provided to the employee make it a special region for doing the job. Every day many people apply for several jobs according to their ability and capability. And trying to achieve their goal in the advanced atmosphere of Canada. Private jobs are providing high salary but their facilities for the employee are very limited. It just needs a Permit work letter from the Canadian embassy. And then you will be allowed to serve your ability in Canada. Furthermore, the Canadian government also provides government jobs to an as well. But for attaining a government job in Canada one must have Canadian nationality or they be immigrate. This will allow you to get the best opportunity of getting a government job in Canada. But its salary is lesser than private sectors jobs while plus point of government job is that it gives a very wonderful facility to their employees. That is why many people are struggling to get a job in it.   


Nishi Singh is a professional journalist and editor in New Delhi. She has studied Mass Communication from National Institute of Mass Communication.