How job ready program help to work in Australian after graduation

Many students come to Australia with a dream of a bright and successful future in terms of career. Australian institutions and degrees and training provided by them, no doubt gives one an edge in practical life. Australian degrees are recognized all over the world and people encourage someone for employment who has a world-class degree. But what if an international student graduated from an Australian institution wants to start his or her career in Australia? What if his or her goal is to be part of one of the world’s most dynamic economy?

The solution to all these problems begins with one gaining work experience in Australia but for that, he or she must have a suitable Australian visa that allows him or her to stay and work in Australia after their student visa subclass 500 expires. Also, every skilled Australian visa requires work experience in an Australian workspace related to one’s profession. So for an international student, the way to Australian work experience and ultimately to Australian PR starts from a visa that allows him or her to stay and get work experience in Australia. One such visa is a temporary graduate visa subclass 485. In this article, we will talk about visa subclass 485 and how job ready program can help one get a subclass 485 and work experience in Australia.

Subclass 485 after graduating from Australia

After graduating from an Australian institution one requires a suitable visa to continue staying in Australia and also for working full time in one’s occupation-related workspace. A temporary graduate visa subclass 485 can help you in gaining work experience that you will be needing in your future to apply for Australian permanent visas. It will also give you time to adjust to a new country and make the most out of your stay there in terms of work and training.

Subclass 485 visa is for recent international graduates from an Australian institution who wants work or study in Australia. This visa is usually granted for 18 months. Following are some eligibility condition of this visa subclass graduate work-stream:

  • The applicant must be holding a student visa
  • Should not be more than 50 years in age
  • Must have finished a vocational training registered course under CRICOS
  • The applicant should belong to the profession listed in the relevant occupational list
  • The proof on English competency should be provided
  • All health and character requirements should be fulfilled

This visa entitles you many things. It lets you work full-time in Australia. It also allows you to study in Australia. There is no travel restriction on this visa, one can come and go as per his or her wish.

How a job ready program can help you get subclass 485?

Getting enrolled in a job ready program can make your case for subclass 485 stronger. Job-ready programs can help you to easily get subclass 485 after your student visa is expired and also it helps you to sharpen and prove your skills in an Australian workspace. But first, let’s see what a job ready program is.

What is a job ready program?

Trade recognition Australia abbreviated as TRA runs a program called a job ready program that helps to check the capabilities and skill of an international student in an Australian workspace. It’s a skill assessment program for those international students who have completed their degree and want to work in Australia.

This program is a four-stage program. The first step is a provisional skill assessment. In this step, the qualification of a candidate is checked. Also, any work experience listed by the candidate is verified. After completing this step comes to the second stage called job ready employment. In this step, one must get him or herself appointed in an Australian workspace related to their profession. One has to complete at least 1725 hours of paid employment to be eligible for the next stage. Then come job ready workspace assessment. In this stage, a person appointed by TRA assesses the skills and capabilities of the applicant in his or her workspace. The assessment is based on whether the applicant is working according to the set standards or his or her workspace. The positive result of this assessment leads to the final step called job ready final assessment. This stage gives the final result of your job ready program. The positive outcome can be used in the application of permanent Australian skilled visas like skilled independent visa 189.

This was all about temporary visa subclass 485 and how job ready program can help you in it. We hope that you find this informative. If you want any more information about it our best migration agent working at The Migration can help you understand more about it or any other Australian visa.