Joao Bolizan almost signed for MILLWALL FC, says local midia

Football is a religion for many. There are many people who worship the game and the players. One such football player, Joao Victor Bolizan is the heartthrob of many. Joao Bolizan was born on 29th December 1997 in Sao Paulo and has dual citizenship in Brazil and Italy. He is an excellent goalkeeper and has represented many different clubs from Brazil and Italy.


Recently, he was playing for a football club based out of the USA. He has a magnificent career as a goalkeeper and has tickets by major and renowned world clubs like Sao Paulo FC, SC Corinthians, Spezia Calcio, Internacional, and Montverde Academy. Joao Bolizan, 22 years old goalie has important career titles like the Under-19 championship and the Brazilian Under-23 championship under his name. His market value is €25Th. 


Joao Bolizan was approached by the famous and powerful English Millwall FC to sign a contract with them. Joao was supposed to sign the contract but the process was not completed due to the Covid-19 pandemic that has struck all over the world. It is heard that the goalie is waiting to sign the contract with the prestigious club of Milwall FC.


The club is based in Bermondsey, South East London, England. It was founded in the year 1885 by Millwall Rovers and has achieved great success since then. It has emerged as champions five times. The club has been depicted in several films like The Firm, Black Books, The Football Factory, etc.


Joao Bolizan is currently playing from Without Club which means he can sign with any club or franchisees and not play under contract to any specific term. He is allowed to solicit offers from any other team and is waiting eagerly to sign the contract with the stalwart club Milwall FC. He had started his career from youth clubs like Sao Paulo FC U7-U14, Paris Saint Germain U15-U17, and SC Corinthians U17-U18. He was the star goalkeeper and has many feathers in the cap.


Joao Bolizan is known for his gentle nature and excellent rapport with the team players. He can easily get accustomed to the players with whom he shares the field and knows the importance of teamwork. He is loved by his team-mates and the coaches. He has never posed a problem in his football career and hence, attracts many renowned clubs who wish to sign a contract with him.


Many stalwarts of football are associated with the Milwall Club and the club always keeps on giving chances to new faces. After seeing the performances of Joao Bolizan, they were keen on signing the contract with the player but the pandemic made them hold their plans. Both the player and the club are looking forward to signing the contract so that the club can benefit from his playing skills. Both are just hoping that the pandemic goes away and gives them a chance to work together.

All in all, Joao is looking forward to bring laurels to the club.