JJSPY Phone Monitoring Review 2020: All you need to know

Welcome and feast your eyes upon the new phone monitoring software! A powerful, real-time cell phone tracker that gives you the solution to parental control problems. This is a parental control tool that has been designed specifically for you, yes you! You will not have to fret anymore about the dangers of the internet, the JJSPY helps guard your child against them.

We all have that kind of a situation where your sibling or your children are either spending too much time on their cell phones or they are not supposed to visit certain forbidden sites on the internet. This is a chance for you to give protection to your child from the dangers that lurk online with the use of JJSPY.

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What is JJSPY?

It is a smartphone monitoring software that is designed especially for the following categories of people. Parents – as important as their role in parenting is, this tool will further assist them to understand better what kind of activities the children are involved in and act fast to salvage the situations. Furthermore, their friends might not be all that available and the children can feel left out in most cases, this offers you the know-how on when you can spend quality time with your child. Particularly the teenagers

Why is it important to be able to see web history?

It is not to say there isn’t anything to fret about. You should be well aware that you should be careful not only to educate your child but also regulate what they are being taught. Also, there is danger lurking on the internet, most of which are not so obvious. But why should you be checking the history of your child’s browser regularly?

Well, this is because it can assist you to quickly identify the websites they visit. The erotic field is one that can have them exposed to at their age, you do not wish for the behaviors developing from that. Their behavior will sporadically change, stretching your child’s feelers and all it would not be a good experience for you nor them. Now, the most important question that will guide you here is; What behaviors are causing the most problems?

It is for this reason you should give your child guidance on safe navigation and alert them on the dangers of surfing the internet. It has been said that the anonymous nature of the internet can make a kid feel free to commit daring acts. You can take control of the JJSPY software before anything extreme happens.

It is not always easy to understand sometimes what your child perceives things to be and the net should not get you off guard. Moreover, there is cyberbullying; this is a form of harassment online, the internet’s global nature makes it possible.

What does it help, checking their website history?

  1. Protect your child from deceptive and violent contents found online,
  2. A tracker can also help you to monitor and record activities that have been carried out in the browser,
  3. Furthermore, you can be able to put your child off excess internet usage, extending late at night,
  4. You can also protect them from getting addicted to mature websites from time to time, getting to check their browsing history and the frequency of visiting the sites,
  5.  The regular check on your child’s web history will enable you to deduce which content and which particular sites is your child hooked to and browse it,

This is a good approach as it will help protect your child’s mental health as he grows. From this, another question might be of the essence to answer.

How this will benefit you as a parent as your child moves on to adulthood?

When you help maintain your little one’s health because you will have Identified their physical needs given the condition, he or she is in. These include healthy foods, warm clothes when it’s cold, enough rest at reasonable hours. But your baby’s mental and emotional needs are not so obvious to you nor any other parent every time.

You will have come to terms that it is essential for your child to maintain good mental health that will enable him or her to not only think clearly but also develop socially and learn other skills. You would also as a parent has succeeded in raising your child and equipped them with most if not all that they need to survive, socially, economically, mentally in all sectors. That is, at home, in school, even a place of work and most importantly in public with everyone else. They will always feel a sense of belonging and not left out.

That is what they need to know, and of course that you are there always for them. What is at times perceived as a difficult task for most parents, you can show them that it is possible and they can make it thanks to the super JJSPY software.

Before subjecting your child to the coaching of some sort, you should understand first, how she or he learns best. Is it through visual learning, listening or doing? From there you can even identify his strengths and weaknesses. This will give you a heads up on what to focus on in the future.

The employers, it is your duty as an employer to keep the employees in check and to ensure maximum productivity. This software offers the opportunity to so. You can monitor where the employees are, and also secure the data feed of the company not to be copied or sold to competitors.

Are you an android user or an iPhone user? All that does not matter! The software is compatible with all the operating systems. Furthermore, there is the certainty of no jailbreak, and no rooting is required!

Are you a supervisor? You have vital responsibilities to develop the workers. Understanding them is part of the role and in doing so, good communication is established. This will further influence and foster a good working environment. However, this is not always the case, due to unexplained reasons, employees are not always in good terms with the supervisors. This could be bad for your bad business.

The employees could be in and out of work at the time they please, that is why the reports show a decline in productivity! Do not look further, JJSPY is here to help you make maximum supervision. A work environment should be respected and the rules adhered to. Moreover, you can be able to determine the conduct of your employees. Which will be very helpful during their appraisals.

Text messages and movement to depict to you the kind of workers you have at the workplace. This is also a good means of security as it would show who in the compound might sneaking out company goods. There is no way your work could get easier than this!

With this JJSPY software, the business will get the maximum productivity it has set with the employees. In addition to all these, there will be enforcement of security policies and protocols.

The monitoring is a crucial aspect of supervision to the business. Determining the employee’s movement, internal communications is important. It helps to not only check on the conduct but also their productivity. This will also add on what kind of development, training or even coaching that the employees require for better productivity.

Benefits of regular employee monitoring

Employee monitoring occurs when the supervisor will use JJSPY software for surveillance; listen to phone calls and check on Internet usage. There are some industries where employee monitoring is actually viewed to be a necessity to make sure there are quality control and customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, some business companies actively use monitoring tools to help develop the performance of their employees. Aside from that, they also ensure employees are in compliance with policies. Looking at the benefits;

  1. Regular employee monitoring helps to improve performance – those that could use more coaching can be easily identified using the JJSPY software. This can be deduced from the calls and observing how they perform their duties at work.
  2. It increases the customer’s satisfaction – being aware that their work is being monitored, the employees will be more prompted to deliver the best services to customers in the best way possible.

The resulting outcome is high productivity for the company. But it is important to keep in mind the negative impacts it might have. This especially brings up mistrust, negative feelings towards some people.

Unique features that come with JJSPY

Android Dashboard Features

Android Dashboard Features

  1. Live cams – The JJSPY software can activate the camera as well as the microphone on your device to spy on your environs, the activities, and events of your teenage child. This way you will get to know where they are and what they are doing.
  2. Call log – a feature that provides you with the means to watch over the call logs of the phone device in question.
  3. Location – the software can also track the mobile device of your child or a member of the company’s staff. Thus, you will always be updated on their whereabouts. That is not all! You can on top of that get a log of the places they have been, all on the panel.
  4. Text messages – ever since the children have had access to phone devices, parents have had a challenge on what relay transpires with their children. Be it trouble in school, drug use, threats from colleagues, depression. You cannot always read it all on their faces. But with this software, you get to understand everything that is going on in their life. This will furthermore boost good parenting as you get to help with situations before they get far.
  5. Live screen – this is particularly helpful in child monitoring. Your child’s safety matters, you can use this feature to monitor as they sleep and when they wake up.
  6. IM messages – apart from normal messaging, there are other available apps that can be used to send messages. Well, the JJSPY software is again your savior. It can capture almost every popular IM apps.   

Other features include the following:

  • Keylogger – it gives you the opportunity to see everything that is being typed on the keyboard of the device. On top of that, you can determine the search terms, notes, security passwords and more!
  • Browser history – with this you can find out what your child is doing online and track their internet activity. As a way of guarding them against the dangers of the internet and what is there.
  • Photos & images – with this software you can access all the images saved on the internal and external memory of the device.
  • Videos and audios – get access to saved videos, audios and conversations, download them to different storage.

Android Track Solution – the JJSPY software provides you with the only Android Tracker solution that gives you access to the messaging apps, recorded calls, logs, hidden contents among others.

For the iOS Track solution, the software offers the users the best tracker you can ever get to monitor your children or employees.

All it takes are three easy steps to commence monitoring, these steps are:

  1. Make a purchase of the JJSPY software – all you have to do is to subscribe to a copy for yourself. then, you can click on ‘buy now’ and you are well on your way to provide good security to those who and what you are responsible for.
  2. The second step is installation – you can now download and install this amazing app on the intended phone while following the instructions provided through your email.
  3. You are now set – you will log in to the control panel and start tracking!