Jicheng Lyu of The Sinic Foundation Leads Covid-19 Relief Procedures in Wuhan, China

Carrying out disaster alleviation services, Jicheng Lyu and his team of volunteers are on a mission to provide meals and necessities to those who were hit the hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic.


In April of 2020, Jicheng Lyu adjusted his collar and stood firm. His mind was racing, recounting what had recently happened in the world. He was aware of his activity in providing so much to those who had so little yet all together unaware of how much he had helped those suffering so greatly from Covid-19. More so, at that time, Jicheng Lyu had no idea how much he would accomplish in the following months, less than one short year later.


Getting ready for his interview with Southern Weekend Corporate Social Responsibility Research Center, he stepped forward, exhaled, and entered the room. There, he would explain his plans for aiding a future that includes surviving a deadly virus.


Thinking about the ways in which corporations, foundations, and people should act in the face of a pandemic, he knew that the right move was to immediately give all that he could. Jicheng Lyu was aware that his actions would help a great number of people who otherwise would have no means to help themselves.


Launching the “Promotion Plan for Good Doers” as soon as the outbreak occurred was the action that saved thousands of people in destitute areas where even basic necessities were impossible to come by.


Jicheng Lyu is the Secretary General of Xinli Charity Foundation. Funded by the Sinic Foundation, their mission is to “empower everyone who strives to live.” They act as practitioners of change by encouraging corporations to realize their social responsibility. Over the span of the three years that the organization has been active, they have empowered more than one million vulnerable groups. Recognized with an award for being one of the Top 50 Cases of Poverty Alleviation, the Sinic Foundation works hard to relieve the effects of disasters in their country.


Established in 2018, The foundation delivers projects of various categories, such as: “disaster decrease, child education, poverty alleviation, and social innovation.” Together, they use professional methods to explore and provide solutions to social problems. This is enacted in order to help build a better world.


Adhering to the concept of providing care services to those in distress, Jicheng vowed to do just that when Covid-19 completely ravaged his country. He acted quickly and effectively.

The “Promotion Plan for Good Doers” delivered meals and supplies to hospital workers on the front lines in China during the worst moments of the Covid-19 pandemic. Their efforts started on January 30, 2020 and from then until April of 2020, over 100,000 meals had been distributed.


Upon being asked about the supplies being delivered to members of Jiangxi medical team, Jicheng responded:


The medical team lacked daily necessities, so we provided them with basic daily necessities such as paper, soap, hangers, and washbasins.


Wuhan’s Fifth People’s Hospital were grateful that they had the essentials that were unavailable to them until Jicheng assisted.


After seeing the state of his Country’s hospitals, it was not about donating necessities anymore. Jicheng and his team referenced a list of all of the medical professionals’ birthdays and encouraged celebration in the face of disaster. They prepared cakes and brought them during supply runs. In his own words:


The delivery of the cake was a trivial matter, but the medical team’s feedback was very strong, and they were very moved. Think about it and understand that medical staff face a lot of pressure and struggle every day on the front line closest to the death of illness. When they return to the hotel and see the birthday cake, they will feel that they are cherished and remembered. They are not alone. The cake symbolizes sympathy. And comfort.


To the world, aid is about giving what you can in the form of resources, even time. To Jicheng Lyu and his team, aid means something more. They went above and beyond to provide the best possible experience in the midst of what many would call the worst moments of their lives.


Jicheng found out about the additional supplies that the front-line workers needed. He discovered a way to provide it and went further, to add even an ounce of relief and celebration. He did everything in his power to make the best of a terrible time. Jicheng Lyu is raising as much awareness as possible about what others can do during the epidemic that is taking so many lives as well as the livelihood of those who are working on the front lines.


What Jicheng did in addition to providing hundreds of thousands of meals and supplies, was encourage other corporations and businesses to do the same. In speaking through action, he called on them to play a part in social responsibility and governance. If he can do it, so can they. So can anyone.


This disaster relief implementation process holds no comparison to other calamities that Jicheng has led relief procedures for. This is a public health crisis. Safety is emphasized heavily in both the design aspect as well as the execution of the program.


To ensure the safety of everyone involved, the Hubei Provincial Red Cross Foundation was consulted during initial planning stages and throughout the operation. Additionally, this was definitely not a solo action. Many people took part in the actions that led to all of the meals and essentials being supplied. Transportation and cleanliness were huge factors, including volunteers to deliver all materials. A great amount of people took part in the success of Jicheng Lyu’s Covid-19 relief implementation.


His interview was only an hour, but the good that Jicheng Lyu did and the wellness he provided others will live on for much longer. As the epidemic continues, so will the assistance that Jicheng and his team effectively provides.