Jessica Ann White: The Case of the Unsolved Burglaries

It is evident that some people get caught as soon as they are exposed and they pay the consequences. Jessica Ann White, age 36, has dodged the justice system multiple times throughout her life, and no one understands how she has done it.

At least three burglaries were reported on her account in 2015, but not a single responding officer followed up on any of them.Jessica Ann White’s accusation appeared to be followed up on at least a few occasions,by the victim, but nobody ever felt motivated to pursue charges against her for the crimes she committed. As a result, Jessica Ann White was never held accountable on all three counts of first-degree burglary by the Phoenix Police Department.

By shooting and murdering the invader, the homeowner exercised his fundamental right to self-defense and the integrity of his home. The homeowner is absolved of any responsibility for shooting the intruder. She was in charge of organizing the burglary strategy more than 12 hours before the occurrence, as well as found responsible of the loss of life of the man who broke into the house while carrying a knife, according to all 12 jurors in the case. Jim Seeger, the prosecutor for the Phoenix Police Department, has once more disregarded any allegations against her, but brought bogus charges against the homeowner and his fiance.

She was given a bargain by the Maricopa County Attorney that ignored all of her offenses and encouraged dishonesty while she was testifying in order to try to condemn some innocent individuals. Additionally, Jim Seeger felt no obligation to file any charges against her, even if he has indisputable evidence of her crimes in his possession. In addition to lying under oath, she also managed to keep the charges of aggravated DUI. Regardless of her pleading guilty , she has never spent a day in jail. As a result of reviewing some of the materials, we were able to discover both child abuse and child pornography searches, as well as everything needed to support the claims outlined in this article.

So, how is it possible for a person to have her case dropped, her mug image deleted from the Maricopa County official arrest records, and the case entirely erased from the superior court website after entering a guilty plea and receiving a sentence? To put it simply, Jim Seeger, the prosecutor, needed her as a false witness against other innocent people. It’s been told to us that she is the subject of yet another case, so we will have to start a new round of research and see if there will be any responsibility taken on her behalf.