Jeff Lopes is Taking Entrepreneur Dads to the Next Level in Both Family and Business

Jeff Lopes is a serial entrepreneur and business coach based in Toronto, Canada.  As the host of the Jeff Knows Inc. Podcast, Jeff hosts some of the world’s top entrepreneurs to share their inspiring stories.  As a father to two super kids and has turned his passion for being an Entrepreneur Dad into coaching other fellow Entrepreneur Dads to reach the next higher levels of success in both their family and business lives.

Jeff is living in the entrepreneurial world for more than 24 years and he is well aware of the struggles that Entrepreneurial Dads face. His experience helps him to guide entrepreneur fathers in creating a perfect balance, between being a success businessman and a present partner and father.

Jeff had his first glimpse as an entrepreneur from the young age of 17 and since then, he has achieved great success in his career. His success has opened paths to build many Corporations namely Kimurawear and TrueBlue Homes.

Jeff Knows Inc. is a great podcast for entrepreneurs, to sit back and listen to a great conversation between two entrepreneurs, at the same time learn some amazing tricks of the trade, when it comes to the business world.

With the rapid growth in popularity of Jeff’s podcast, he had to work smart to provide the best content to his followers. These conversations open the minds of entrepreneurs and make them think out of the box. That’s why every entrepreneur out there must listen to his podcast.

Recently Jeff has created this platform called Mans Purpose which is dedicated for Entrepreneur Dads, a form of a brotherhood, that likeminded gentleman, can learn, discuss and grow together.  Through this platform fathers will be educated and be able to have group discussions to manifest ideas together.

Jeff passion for passing on his knowledge, and helping other Entrepreneurial Dads is infectious, and his love for his wife and two children is so strong. But the most impressive part of Jeff Lopes, is the way he has been able to balance and create the perfect harmony between family and business.


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