Jeeter has fast become one of the highest pre-roll brands in California. Thanks to its loyalty to collecting high-quality hemp flowers.  And rolling some of the best joints around. Jeeter is now identified statewide as a producer of bonus, award-winning pre-registrations. Jeeter has made and marketed 1.5 million top-shelf pre-rolled joints in California. The term ‘jeeter’ was also created in South Florida, where it was usually used as road slang when guiding to a joint. The Jeeter team has now “passed the jeeter” to California. By obtaining that South Florida hemp society to the Golden State. It is also Based out of Desert Hot Springs, CA.  Jeeter still shows the fearless, amazing, and daring South culture that cast it. Each packet comes with bottles of Baby Jeeters in themes Game Over, Coke, and Fruit Punch/Batter. Superior indoor flower infused with hemp oil & covered in a dry shake. We liked to get something strong to the table, our most powerful joint.

The Jeeter Line

Jeeter makes 3 different kinds of joints for the California demand.

The Baby Jeeter, the Jeeter XL, and the 1g Jeeter.

The Baby Jeeter is, the least pre-roll on request. Each packet includes 5 little pre-rolls packed to the bill with 0.5g of the top-shelf flower.  That is also invested with the cannabis excerpt for a mind-boggling added energy. Observe out for these small guys, length can be misleading! If you like a smaller-potency bloom, the Baby Jeeters also come in a less potent non-infused form. These joints only load in 0.35g per unit, creating them ideal for seeing a short buzz or even microdosing. Baby Jeeter Invested Prerolls 2.5g Hot Cookies $38 – Los Angeles hemp box. It is also made from strong, rich floral terpenes so you get the refreshed taste available.

The 1g Jeeter quality gram of Jeeter’s sourced tip cannabis blossom. This joint comes in regular form. And two separate infused forms: infused with juice, or infused with juice and dry shake. The infused forms can glow for as long as 15 minutes, creating them superb for relishing with buddies.

The Jeeter XL is the most superior link you will ever smog. Per XL joint is also sealed with 2 grams of blossom infused with juice oil and is also wiped with a dry shake. Handmade and featuring a glass lead for a softer experience, the Jeeter XL is only sensual.

What Makes These Jeeters So Special?

Jeeter pre-rolls are also packed with sourced dividend cannabis bloom.  That is certain to make your mouth wet. Not only that but their delight-potency-infused links are also loaded with high-freshness refining.  And sparkling dry shake gem that adds up to over 30% THC for each joint. Except for their high levels of THC,   Jeeter joints are also handmade to make fine mist. And can be quite long-stable (infused) or soft (glass-tipped XL). From Grapefruit/ pomelo Romulan to Blue bowls.  Each tune is also selected to produce tasty tastes that enrich the smoking venture. If you’re reading superb cannabis smoking knowledge, you can’t go incorrect with a Jeeter!


You can see Jeeter’s outcomes in boxes all over California.  And soon in every validated form. Jeeter pre-rolls have lofty power due to the tip-grade cannabis bloom and the content. They come in different flavors and deliver a unique “high” with each breath that you take. You will know that the powerful impact and taste buds are the special grades of Jeeter.  Baby Jeeter’s are powerful enough to last low to medium patience days as breaths are also taken 2 or 3 at a time. It’s enough to last you the whole nighttime.  If you like to relish your cannabis, a cannabis-infused joint is an excellent option. The results will be much more powerful than they are when smog a common joint, and they taste great too! The most promising part is that joints are comfortable to use, so there’s no need for flowery tools.

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