JEE Main 2021 Preparation: 1 Month Revision Plan

JEE Main is inarguably one of the most competitive and sought-after entrance exams for aspiring engineers in India. However, several challenges thrown by COVID-19 have encouraged a few changes in the exam while keeping the safety and convenience of the students as the core value. Therefore, JEE Main 2021 will now be conducted 4 times a year (February, March, April, and May) to reduce the aspirants’ stress and promote a fairer evaluation.

Since a student can appear for all 4 attempts, it only leaves a gap of 1 month to appear for the next exam. Therefore, a 1-month revision plan comes with a renewed urgency to help the aspirants ace JEE Main 2021 preparation and get into their dream university.

Preparation Strategy

No war is won without a solid strategy. A thorough JEE Main preparation strategy helps align the final revision for JEE Main exam to guide students in their last days before appearing for the exam.

  1. Revise with a plan

The limitation of time and the never-ending syllabus may seem daunting at the start. Still, a revision plan streamlines the preparation by allocating time based on the difficulty of the topic. Therefore, students must analyse their strengths and weaknesses based on every topic while preparing the timetable. 

You may also take help from the following sample timetable to kickstart your final preparation:

Week 1DayMathematicsPhysicsChemistry
Day 1Logarithms, Quadratic Equations, Applications and DerivativesWork, Energy and Power, Electrostatics GravitationCarbonyl Compounds, Alkyl Halides & Aryl Halides, Mole Concepts
Day 2Limit and Continuity, Circles and Family of Circle SetsCurrent, Electricity, Heat TransferCarboxylic Acids, Alcohol, Ether & Phenol and their derivatives
Day 3Inverse Trigonometry, Binomial TheoremWave, Optics, Ray Optics, KineticsChemical Bonding, Periodic Table, Redox Reaction
Day 43D GeometryThermal Electricity, Thermal ExpansionAtomic Structure, Electrochemistry
Day 5Relations and FunctionsWave Motion, Sound Motion P block, d & f block S-block 
Day 6Probability and StatisticsNewton’s Law of Motion and FrictionSolid State, Gaseous State
Day 7Revise the subjects learnt and take mock tests on the official JEE Main website
Week 2DayMathematicsPhysicsChemistry
Day 8Integration and DifferentiationSimple Harmonic Motion and Circular MotionOrganic Chemistry, Biomolecules
Day 9Sequence and SeriesCentre Mass of MomentumSurface Chemistry, Chemical Equilibrium
Day 10Vector, AlgebraCollision, Rotational, DynamicsHydrocarbons, Hydrogen and its compounds
Day 11Give Mock TestsRevise the topics studied so farRevise the topics studied so far
Day 12Complex Number and Theory of EquationNuclear Physics, Modern PhysicsCoordination Chemistry and Solutions
Day 13Complex NumbersVectors, CommunicationChemical Kinetics
Day 14Trigonometric RatiosFluids, Mechanics, ElasticityThermodynamics and Polymers

Aspirants must spend the third and the fourth week revising all the chapters from Maths, Physics and Chemistry. An aspirant should also attempt complete question papers from previous years’ question paper books or on the official JEE Main website while keeping time for best results.

2.     Practice previous years’ question papers

Solving JEE Main previous years’ question papers and appearing for mock tests is inarguably one of the best strategies to ace the entrance exam. The question papers are readily available on the official website of JEE Main that will be instrumental in evaluating your performance and preparation for the upcoming exam.

3.     Value study breaks

JEE Main 2021 preparation might get exhausting for both mind and body. As much as it is essential to prepare thoroughly, it is also vital to respect your mind and body and offer them time to rejuvenate. 

De-stressing your body with a few scheduled breaks of 10-1-5 minutes between every session or practising yoga daily are a few ways to calm your mind and avoid burn-out.

General Tips and Tricks

Time management and execution of the plan are perhaps a few crucial factors while preparing for the JEE Main entrance exam that can pave your road to success. Here are a few tips to achieve these goals and turn your dream into reality:

  1. Try to stick to the timetable. Executing a detailed plan may seem like a Herculean task, but it will help you revise each topic timely.
  2. An early morning routine yields a more effective result. While studying for an entire day may seem tedious, an 8-hour study plan executed early in the morning is often more lucrative. 
  3. Practice mock tests and previous years’ question papers at the same time as your allotted time slot for JEE Main. This will help you to get in the zone without difficulty or panic on the final day.
  4. Don’t read any new topics in the last month of preparation. While it may seem luring to complete the entire syllabus, it is not advisable to devote time to a new topic at the cost of strengthening previously learned subjects. 

While it may seem like an academic exam, JEE Main tests aspirants on all fronts and performs under a pressurising situation. Despite being thoroughly prepared, a panic-stricken student is less likely to perform than a relaxed and calm aspirant. Therefore, appear the exam with a calm mind and enjoy solving the exam on the final day.

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