Jazz your hair up with scrunchies

2021 has revived the teens’ chic look from the 1990s. The retro-style hair tie is gaining popularity again. The once not so fabulous scrunchy fashion is now attracting the millennials and GenZ. Scrunchie is back to support the humble, laid-back hair look. Even celebrities are not left behind in flaunting their love for scrunchies.

The twisted stretchy hair tie made of a good fabric is a big hit among the 20-year-olds—flannel, satin, polyester, or velvet scrunchies. Think of the material, and it is available in the market to elevate your look.

Scrunchies have a history-

Unlike the new fashion trends, the scrunchie has been vibrant from the late eighties and early nineties. It was almost dead for two decades and has resurrected recently as the newest trend. The ruffled hair tie fashion trend was once embraced by an 18-year-old in the 1980s. The 18-year-olds today are again sporting the look with similar grace.

The celebrity vibe

From Gigi Hadid to Jason Momoa, scrunchies have crossed time and gender bias. Everyone seems to enjoy this trend.

The scrunchie-mania has ruled the street style and is now ruling the runway. It is not only fashionable but also comfortable; it is a perfect blend of trend and comfort. The love for velvet scrunchies has crossed borders, and its craze is appealing to the world. When someone talks about scrunchies Canada has shown a greater inclination for this style than any other. Pioneers of trending fashion are seen walking the streets of Canada.

Scrunchie style tips

Scrunchie’s street hairstyle is all the rage in the fashion community. Everyone who follows expert styling tips often chooses the latest scrunchie styling techniques to look fashionable. They come up with their own version of scrunchie style. Here are some styling tips-

The go-to scrunchie ponytail look-

 It might seem like a very basic ponytail. But an XL-sized scrunchie used to tie your hair adds a subtle grace to the messy ponytail. This hairstyle is easy and it takes less than a minute to make it.

Pony and braid look– 

If you like to tie your hair in a classy yet comfy style then this is the style for you. The scrunchie holds up the ponytail. The hair when braided gives a fancy hair look. Remember to slick your hair to make it look chic.

The half-braided buns- 

This is a trendy and fun hairstyle. You can choose to make one or two buns. Take two sections of your hair and make french braids. Tie these braids in a bun and secure with a scrunchie. This hairstyle can be done on shorter hairs too. And you may add extensions too.

The messy braid look– 

This is another style that is super easy and elegant. You can braid your hair and pull out some hair strands to give it a messy look. 

The scrunchie party- 

You can add mini scrunchies to your hairs and color code them with your OOTD. The colors can pop up your hairdo. You can also add multiple rainbow scrunchies to accessorize your hairstyle. 

Heatless holiday look – 

If you want to enhance your hairstyle try the multiple velvet scrunchie look. You can add as many scrunchies as you like to create a bubbled ponytail. This hairstyle gives the perfect holiday feels.

The formal look-

The scrunchies have made their way into formal clothing as well. You can choose material and color that fits the formal gathering style. Even brides are turning to bridal under veil scrunchies to complete their look.

The center of attraction- 

Whichever look you prefer, a scrunchie always enhances it. They can bring the focus to your bangs. The scrunchie-tied hair makes the bangs prominently visible.

Scrunchies are a must

Style your hair with the latest scrunchie collections available. From black and white to a colorful palette, scrunchies are of all kinds. You can pick from the wide variety of fabrics available and buy the scrunchie that appeals to you the most. 

For this, always look for a shop that can offer you all kinds of scrunchies. If you are a nature lover you can always find eco-friendly scrunchies you just need to click on the right space. Whatever color or fabric you choose for your scrunchie, the quality should be high. It should match your standards.

If you learn the subtle art of scrunchie styling then you are ahead of your game. 

Dream your amazing look and buy your scrunchie to style it!