Jay Pillai and his Lazie Indie Magazine

Lazie Indie Magazine is getting into its 4th year of operation celebrating musicians from all over the world highlighting their achievements to fellow musicians and their fans across 100+ countries and now with the much acclaimed IIMF – India

Jay founded Autumnleaf in ‘91 along with his long standing fellow musician and friend Manoj,(his schoolmate from Trivandrum a small heritage town located in the southern tip of India) and has not looked back since, going on to build a very prolific career. Their original music videos (as Autumnleaf and subsequently as Lazie J) were featured on MTV, VH1 and BBC. Over the years, they have managed to remain at the Top Ten on worldwide independent music charts across various platforms such as Reverbnation, N1M, Mixposure, Broadjam and more… 

Jay’s crowning achievement is in establishing the Lazie Indie Magazine – an online magazine read in over one hundred countries, featuring over 500 international artists. He subsequently launched the IIMF (International Indie Music Festival) in India, a massive platform featuring brilliant musicians from across the globe.

Jay’s involvement with Indie musicians did not begin with the magazine. He is the man behind Autumnleaf the big stage – the award winning 2018 TV show promoting Indie musicians in South India.

The Lazie Indie Magazine is currently in its 36th edition. It is a carefully built up community – built by musicians for musicians, with its trademark unedited interviews. This is in accordance with Jay Pillai’s staunch belief that music should not be critiqued – rather, the musicians are to be given a platform to explain their craft and art. 

Lazie Indie Magazine has featured artists from over 50 countries cutting across geography, genre, gender, race and religion – successfully garnering a dedicated readership across the world. It was started as a one man effort by Jay. The magazine now has contributors from around the world who themselves are artists of great repute – thus making it a global magazine for the musician by the musician. And it has come to feature numerous icons and heavy weights in the industry along with countless up and coming Indie artists

The magazine has also covered numerous prestigious awards like Josies, ICMA, LDM, ISR awards and have featured many Grammy winners and voting members. The community also boasts quite a number of recording academy mentors too. 

The IIMF is an offshoot of the Lazie Indie Magazine, started as a collaborative effort with the Kerala Arts and Crafts Village in Trivandrum. The first edition of this annual fest ran for 5 days in the beginning of November, 2020 and featured around 21 artists from Singapore , Malaysia, USA, UK, Papua New Guinea, Italy and India. It saw legends like Will Johns, Sami Chohfi, Anslom and Lyia Meta coming and playing in India for the first time. the IIMF, International artists seamlessly collaborated with Indian artists and performed as  bands.

The most admirable thing about Jay’s endeavors is that he has managed to develop lasting friendships and lifelong collaborators worldwide – a testament to how much he is dedicated to the art and craft of creating and promoting the sounds and melodies we all love so much. 

Check out Lazie Indie Magazine at www.lazieindiemagazine.com