Jatin Chonkar a Digital Expert to conquer the industry through his wide knowledge & skills

Jatin Chonkar


Maturity is when you can make things on your own not when you just grow older day by day. There are many significant personalities who have gained a lot of attribute in a young age , among them Jatin Chonkar who is just 17 years old have made an impact on the world of Online marketing is rising day by day through his regular endeavour and intelligence to peck the trophy of excellence .

Jatin Chonkar is Founder of India’s Well Known Digital Marketing Agency – Ancient Media . Within a small span of time Jatin has given Himself a Steroid Push in digital marketing Industry . Today Jatin Chonkar has established himself as one of the successful online Entrepreneur in India .

The name of Jatin Chonkar a digital expert from Mumbai who has made a mark for himself in the industry with his outstanding work, which has benefited many companies and businesses to date, is one of the most significant names in the field of business and which is known to handle brand strategies and Public Relation at its top.

The success rate of the company is continuously increasing as Jatin Chonkar’s team believes in Smartwork & hardwork . Even when you are not sure about the outcome at a certain point, never loose hope . You have to try new things to get the desired goal. Do not jump into the digital world without getting trained because living here is very complex and beyond your current capabilities. So the best approach is to walk steady and fast. Start gaining knowledge about Your desired niche & make sure whatever you learn is Practical Knowledge as that’s Going to Fetch you results .