James Panos Could Turn Illinois’s 9th Congressional District Red in 2022

As long as American elections are structured the way they are today (which likely won’t change come 2022), the odds of an independent candidate winning at any level are slim to zero chance. About 60% of all Americans believe there needs to be a viable 3rd party at every election level due to disappointment and disenfranchisement with the Republican and Democratic Parties.


James Panos has found himself purposely or not in the middle of having to make a life altering decision to join the public sector and run for Congress in 2022 or 2024. By this time James will be of the legal age to hold office and if elected would be the youngest Congressman ever beating out Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina by just under a month of age.


Right now there is nothing confirmed and a lot of it is talk but the ideologies Panos shares over social media and in public could potentially reshape the future of his home state of Illinois and their economics as well as policies passed at the federal level for decades to come. There are many reasons to vote this young man in if given the chance. The problem is his district is a D+18 district making it nearly impossible to gain traction as a Republican at least for now. This could make running as an Independent very a viable option however he will be faced with a mass amount of barriers that will leave his campaign stagnant without funding or interest.


James needs to stick to his roots and run a red ticket as a centric Republican. Inorder to win he needs to focus on educating his community on his beliefs and agendas that he would likely support and vote to pass through while in office. He has to prove to the people of his blue district that he has the answers to many of the problems, especially when it comes to helping lower income families and communities.


If he can successfully educate minority voters on what his plans are when it comes to voting for business tax cuts to relocate to lower income areas with access to public transportation and housing, he could possibly be the first real challenge to Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D). These tax cuts can help low income families acquire work, clean up the streets in these various communities, and promote wealth accumulation among minorities.


Another key issue of James is to restructure the property tax code to take into account services provided to the household and not the value of the home itself which could provide an immense boost to the Chicagoland economy as well as other metropolitan counties around the United States that follow suit.


We could be reading way too much into all this and none of this can happen. However, if James Panos runs he needs to run as a Republican and he needs to educated the minority voter as well as the local education institutes in the district to build enough support to take on the Democrat challenger. He needs to create excitement and he can if he gets out and does the right things. This man can potentially be an icon to the district if he were to win and be somebody who has the potential to really unite a very divided community at this time.