Jamel Baines Shares His Success of Secrets

Jamel Baines is the Founder of the La Casa Company. Recently he published a book “Entrepreneurial drive”; How to develop the grit, drive, and hustle to make your entrepreneurial goals a success.

Jamel Baines whose professional background also involves TV acting and film production, producing an award-winning film. In Los Angeles, where his latest project he facilitated on a full-length feature film with Master P, I Got The Hookup Part II, he also runs Jamel Baines Productions, as well as a short film, Going, Black. On Amazon, both are available for streaming.

We are privileged to speak to him today!


How did you start doing your business?

I want to give people who don’t believe in themselves an opportunity to be successful. Really motivate and inspire them to dream beyond their present situation that’s not working for them!

I will be working on my next book which will be a paperback available on Amazon again and I plan on making bestseller because when I’m teaching with the mindset can’t be duplicated until you read it.

“Because what I’m teaching with the mindset can’t be duplicated until you read it”


I’m sure your success has not come easily: what challenges have you had to overcome along the way?

Failing a lot of times having no money several times but I knowing the challenges with failure come success. So I put in my mind the more I fail the quicker I can get to succeeding!


Speaking of success, what does the word mean to you?

I’ve been successful mentally see success as a mindset it’s not built from financial materialistic game once you mentally successful everything else become easy.

“Success is a mindset”

*Financial or materialistic gain*


What are projects have you been most excited about?

My next project is I’m excited about is really developing me to take my personal brand to the next level I’m excited about it because that will bring my opportunity for other people likeminded like myself that’s most important to me so that’s my biggest project is conquering me and challenging myself to grow and think top level


Who are your top five favorite entrepreneurs of all time? And why those?

Recently Rick Ross The entrepreneur and music artists, because he speak from his experience and I can feel what he’s talking about and he motivate and inspire me we share similar interest Tyler Perry, The producer entrepreneur and real estate mogul, he started out entertainment but became a real estate investor in Atlanta Georgia, He owes 100% of his content and his self-made as well! I definitely admire that about him

Nick cannon, he’s been an inspiration to me there’s a person in general grown-up see him on TV let me know that I can do it to actually Internet with Nick Cannon back in New York City as very, I just sat and watch him when I had a chance to and it motivated me to see he was a man like me it made me believe I could do it to

Jay-z Shawn Carter, being from Brooklyn as well just knowing the struggles Jay- z came from And how he mastermind Corporate America made me hungry to Chase his blueprint so now I’m building my own blueprint! I listen to him every day because if you get to hear his Music. He is telling you how to do it!


What are your futures Goals?

My goals in the future is to build an empire to make myself a brand and label myself the “Entrepreneur Influencer” that’s a phrase I’m coined myself.


Finally, how can people connect with you if they want to learn more? *

They can connect me on following platforms;

|Company|: LaCasaCompany.com
|Instagram|: @jamelbaines
|Web Site|: https://jamelbaines.com/