Jaipur Bhangarh Same Day Tour by Car: Get a Haunted Escape

Got bored with monotonous lifestyle? Well, what’s better than planning a weekend getaway to a haunted destination? Now that’s a great escape. Isn’t it?

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About Bhangarh Fort –

Settled on the lap of Aravali Hills, Bhangarh Fort is enraptured within a mystic beauty amidst nature attracting hordes of travelers every year to experience the eerie in the vibes of this haunted fort of Rajasthan. Bhangarh Fort was constructed by Man Singh I for his grandson Madho Singh I who was later named the fortress after his grandfather – Bhan Singh.

The Cursed Fort of Rajasthan –

There are many stories and legends often heard about this decrepit city. Some say that a saint, Baba Balantath had warned the king that the fortress should not shadow over his house. But when it did, the saint spelled a curse that destroyed the entire city. While others say that a magician named Singhiya had fallen in love with the princess Ratnavatri. He failed to marry her and in his revenge cursed the city to become destruction.

Main highlights of the fortress –

The fortress has a beautiful architecture in the remnant of the massive gates leading to the fort, the temples and palaces are truly fascinating. Lahori Gate, Ajmeri Gate, Phulbari Gate, and Delhi Gate are the only ways to be entered inside the fort. Also, there are many temples and haveli located inside the premises of Bhangarh Fort. The yellowish stoned structure of Gopinath Temple needs special applause for its architecture.

Why the fortress was tagged as a Haunted Fort of Rajasthan?

The Bhangarh Fort is one of the most haunted places in India. Many people have a claim to hear horrifying screams, cries, jingling of bangles after sunset. It is also believed that people have smelt the presence of others and heard some weird voices inside the forts. This was all call of the abnormal which has been forced that Archaeological Department of India to restrict the entrance inside the Bhangarh fort after sunset and before sunrise. While visiting the fort vehicles are allowed to reach a certain point and then continue by walking leisurely. The hilly roads are narrow and even risky.

Best time to visit –

It is highly suggested to avoid the summer season to visit Bhangarh Fort as during this season, the days are extremely hot and humid that could make your travel uncomfortable. The months of August to February may be a good option for planning same day Bhangarh Tour by car.

Timings – 6: am to 6:00 pm

So, this is all about your weekend getaway to Bhangarh from Jaipur. When are you going to plan your weekend from Jaipur? You can choose the best Car Rental Jaipur to cover miles in a very comfortable way. So, plan your trip now and get an adventurous escape to Bhangarh.