MUSIC LINK: https://open.spotify.com/album/48YsTT80sZXeVxZlNqdmW6

When it comes to R&B many have certain expectations of what they might hear. Up and coming artist The Real J Israel manages to surpass all of those. The Real J Israel grew up surrounded by gospels as his father was a minister. This heavily influenced the music that he is now creating as well as his perspective on life.

Straight out of Atlanta, Georgia the proud father of seven has now begun putting his fresh R&B beats out in the world. The incredible beats mixed with his soulful lyrics and voice have created a unique type of music that helps separate him from other R&B artists walking the more traditional line of the genre.

The mix of chill downbeat R&B tones is certainly something to talk about with this artist, but what truly shines through in his music is his humbleness and authenticity. As a man who from a young age got to experience the joy of expressive music through gospels, he is now taking that refreshing soulful energy and injecting it into everything he creates. Expression is what he looks for as an artist and his lyrics are the most important artifact of that as they have a depth to them that touches the listener’s heart and soul.

If one is looking for an authentic and relatable new artist to listen to then the Real J Israel and his new single “All tonight” featuring Sean Kingston is the best track on the block.