Izzat Freitekh’s La Shish Kabob: Serving Charlotte NC with the best Mediterranean cuisine since 2008

The falafel sandwich — freshly fried chickpea patties, smoky tahini sauce, pita bread. Maybe a dollop of hummus, or a few spoonfuls of zesty feta. Simple, versatile, filling, perfect for a pandemic-torn winter night. Feeling the warmth radiating from the freshly made sandwich in their hands, few can resist the temptation to tear open the foil wrapper and devour it right on the curbside {don’t lie, we’ve all been there}. The sandwich, the Shawerma with rice, lamb shanks, kabobs, and Shawerma fries has been the main draw of Izzat freitekh la Shish kabob, since its Jerusalem-born owner, Izzat Freitekh, first opened the restaurant in Charlotte NC in 2008 and in Jerusalem since 1985. It’s no surprise that it has become a go-to for locals. 

For those serious about making good falafels, the key lies in the use of spices and herbs, often dictated by family recipes perfected through generations.

For enthusiasts of Middle Eastern food, the falafel’s stellar reputation may have, to some extent, obscured the merits of other items on the restaurant’s menu. The hummus at Ibby’s deserves at least the same amount of spotlight, if not more. The taste is well-rounded and smooth, never overly busy with garlic and lemon, a pitfall for many hummus. This, however, doesn’t mean it is bland. The subtle use of spices let the flavors of chickpeas and tahini shine out. 

The baba ghanoush is also excellent, an exhilarating concoction of smoky eggplant, nutty tahini, and aromatic parsley. The ful medames are coarsely ground and generously flavored. The texture is to the thicker side, great for sandwiches.

Meat lovers can also choose lamb shawarma, which is deftly spiced and slow roasted. The chicken kabob.  are great too, marinated in garlic, lemon juice, and paprika and grilled to perfectly juicy and tender. 

Chicken shawarma with rice is a perfect combination of juicy, rice,  and perfectly seasoned meat, tangy pickles and garlicky sauce

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