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Company Profile


It is an American software company that was founded as Glidesoft, Inc. in 2003. It is offering enterprise software and services for 17 years from California. That includes services like cloud computing ITSM & Enterprise Service Management.


Servicenow delivers digital workflows that enhance productivity with the power of technology, reducing complexity and unlocking experience for a better tomorrow at any workplace. It digitalizes and transforms ancient manual ways of work with the integration of IT, Employees & customer workflows. 


Like Servicenow integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, manages all work in the same dashboard by freeing up time & reduction in service outages. It also creates service visibility simplifying customer experience with a centralized model slashing inquiry resolution.


It is compatible with many industry verticals like Education, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Telecommunications, MSP, and Energy & Utilities.


With a cloud platform, it helps to connect people to any campus, enhancing learning with live and real-time data fostering educational & research excellence.


For governments, it delivers efficient interactive IT services which automate various IT processes & can also create a market place to procure product & services by streamlining requests from employees & citizens.


Global financial services use Servicenow for elevating onboarding experience & simplifying access to information with employee portals accelerating business growth from fragmentation to automation & launching platforms for global support. It helps to maintain the customer-centric approach enabling flexibility and digital transformation.


Products & Solutions


There are a variety of IT products & industry solutions catered by Servicenow from IT workflows to ITSM, IT Operation Management, IT Business Management, IT Asset Management, DevOps, Security Operations & Governance, and Risk & Compliance.


The Cloud services include a variety of products that allows customers & organizations to operate using server-less computing with business categories like Security, IT, HR, Customer Service, Business Apps. 




The Nonstop Cloud product is a tool that is based on a multi-instance model to store & organize user data to access the type of information they need.


The Agent Workspace product is available as a part of ITSM & customer service management products of Servicenow. This is a single pan view agent assistance tool that automates interaction logging and advances work assignments with the seamless handoff from Chatbot.


The HR Service Delivery Product simplifies access to service, improving productivity by streamlining employee transitions & optimizing service delivery.


The Agile Development Product enables the organization to plan, work, and realize the benefits of digital transformation, getting visibility & managing unified backlogs in a linear system of record.


Now Intelligence is an innovation by Servicenow, which enables businesses to make better decisions and work smartly on Now Platform, which surfaces information, makes predictions, and automates repetitive tasks so that businesses can shift focus on strategic work. It comes with a virtual agent to resolve issues with intelligent Chatbot. Its coupled with predictive intelligence and performance analytics to anticipate trends in real-time.




  • Powerful platform that is simple to use & flexible in design, this makes it comfortable for almost anyone to build the business application for any business line.
  • This cloud-based PaaS’s biggest perk is its scalability across multiple networks. Its open architecture creates a system of engagement that works with existing applications & efficiently submits requests, procurement, and service & payroll issues.
  • Security, availability & transparency: their dedicated team of security experts is always protecting customer data 24*7*365 days. With every year, Servicenow meticulously is audited by independent Third-party companies & other government bodies to ensure their compliance with global & regional standards.
  • Select the business area and calculate the value for estimating what the business could achieve.
  • Business resiliency: it has formally documented ISCP, with each data center has multiple ISP’s support.
  • It has certified app store that ensures a safe workplace dashboard additionally screens the health of employees



Whether you are a startup or an established business, you need to have a digital footprint & to continue with its operation business use ITSM solutions. Servicenow has anchored its effectiveness in many verticals with a wide array of customers from startups to fortune 500 giants. It delivers the IT, employee, and customer workflows that matters to head every part of digital transformation. More than 6200 enterprise customers worldwide use Servicenow to set their digital footprint and transformation.