It’s Much Better to Rent A Sports Car in Dubai than a Cab or Public Transport

If you a tourist and want to explore every corner and nook of Dubai, there cannot be a better way to do it than renting a car for moving around.

Yeah public transport has its own benefits and if you want to experience that, public transport can do the job for you. It can take you to the places you want to go. But can it?

Public transport such as Dubai Tram can only take you to the places that are on the route it covers. If by any chance your desired spot is not on the route, it can then take you some place nearer and then you will have to walk or take a cab. This is doable. However, it is not desirable.

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Ride Hailing apps can also do the job and get you from point A to point B. But it has its own set of cons. Such as, it is quite possible the car you request is unavailable. Some drivers don’t like making multiple stops. They just prefer to take you to the final stop. These drivers, even if you ask them to make multiple stops, things can get a little heated sometimes as they make their displeasure very apparent. It only makes your mood worse.

That can’t be good!

On top of all that, it can be expensive if you are travelling in excess of 50 kilometers. The “peak factor” can double the normal fare.

That is also not good!

Easy Process and Great Affordable Rates! Sports Cars for Rental:

And? The freedom!

Which is worst part in public transport. If you have set daily routes and there is no deviation from that route, like every day you get up and go to the same place and come back, then public transport works just fine. It can even be the cheaper option.


However, we are talking about tourists and sight-seeing and adventure:

There are no set routes there. You can stop anywhere and anytime, as per plan or against the plan. All this is possible and very easily manageable in rental. And if you are driving yourself and you are the sole captain of the ship, the amount of freedom is just satisfying.

The fuel prices in Dubai are cheap as compared to the rest of the world. So that is not an issue at all. And depending upon the way you travel, renting a car can be an easy option.

You Can Even Rent the Best Cars Such as The Mercedes G Wagon!

There is one more thing that you can do with car rentals.

It doesn’t have to be just renting and travelling all over Dubai. You can also rent on an hourly basis and enjoy as much as you want. That is an even cheaper option.

There are some people, who live in Dubai and have their own cars for travelling. But they rent cars, For What?

You may ask:

Just for fun. What they do is they just rent for a few hours, pay a minimal amount to the car rental. Snap pictures, cruise around, maybe stop by a fancy new crib. Grab all the attention, enjoy the incoming glares and return the car. It cannot get any simpler and more straightforward than that.

For example, if you rent mercedes G63, the rental rate for such an exotic and popular SUV might set you back a little bit more than others. To avoid that you can just get it for a few hours, Cruise around, live your dream and then you can return it.