Itaú’s Brexy launched on the main screen of Nasdaq

On May 13th at 8:00 AM local time in the United States (8:00 PM Beijing time), Brexy was displayed on the “World’s First Screen” at Times Square, Nasdaq, in the United States.

Brexy, as the brand under Itaú Unibanco’s Asia Pacific division in Brazil, collaborated with other Asian companies, including many outstanding Chinese enterprises, to participate in the exhibition. The theme was “Questioning the World as Great National Enterprises,” jointly displayed on the main screen of Nasdaq in the United States, showcasing Brexy’s strength and strategic deployment.


New York is a significant financial and economic center worldwide, and Times Square, located in the heart of New York City, is a world-renowned landmark that combines culture and finance. With a history of over 100 years, it is often referred to as the “crossroads of the world” due to its global significance and fame. The Nasdaq screen, a prominent feature of New York’s Times Square, is recognized as the “world’s first screen” due to its vast size and widespread influence.

Itaú previously decided to acquire the American company Brexy to meet the demands of the new international financial system. This acquisition represents Itaú’s expansion into the Asia-Pacific region, targeting both major clients and the general public in the post-pandemic era. With Brex as its parent company and the Brexy digital financial platform as a springboard, Itaú is now officially entering the world’s largest credit customer base, the Asia-Pacific market, in order to significantly expand the global influence of Latin American banks. Itaú believes in placing ethics above results and continuously strives for innovation and excellence in all its endeavors. The strong presence of Brexy on the Nasdaq screen demonstrates Itaú’s strategic determination to achieve excellence.