It is possible to achieve and live your highest vision: Roland Ngole is a living example

Most people are not able to pursue and achieve their vision in life even though they are crystal clear about where they want to go in life? What the want out of life? Why they want it?. It is often thought that the lack of a clear vision in life is the reason why most people don’t achieve their endeavors and aspirations in life. But, what is then the remedy for people who have a vision but are unable to achieve and live up to their highest vision. We took a hold of the international speaker and Vision Expert Roland Ngole to give nuggets of wisdom on this subject because he has actually been there. Having moved to Germany 13 years ago on his own to further his studies, Roland has went on to acquire academic, career and business success even beyond the borders of Germany. How did he do that?, these are the wisdom nuggets he shared with us.

              The reason why most people don´t achieve their visions in life are versatile, nevertheless. These are the main keys that will help anyone to achieve their vision and life up to their highest vision.

                Work on your mind

When you have a clear vision you wish to achieve in your life. You should understand that the fact that your vision is something that is futuristic, you oath to start working on your mind continuously from day one, in order for you to achieve the vision you are aspiring for. Working on your mind and reprogramming your mind is paramount here because you have to keep on believing in the possibility of your vision regardless on what happens along your path to achieving your vision. There will be days when you will hit rock bottom. There will be times when you doubt yourself and when you think your daily efforts towards your vision are futile. But, if you keep working on your mind and reprogramming your thinking to become aligned with the vision you are aspiring to accomplish. You will eventually achieve your vision if you don’t give up hope. Roland says he worked on his mind by reading books of successful people who have achieve a similar exploit in life. Biographies are a good place to start because they will arm you with the vocabulary that you need in order to overcome uncommon odds.

              Seek for mentorship

We currently live in the information age and knowledge is the new currency. No matter what you are striving to accomplish in life. There are people who have already acquired results in that areas. Be humble and strive to learn from others. Because, that will shorten your learning curve and it will fasten the pathway for you to achieve your vision. Isaac New said , that the reason why he has gone so far in life is because he has sat on the shoulders of giant. Literally implying that he learned from those who had already accomplished what he was striving to accomplish.

              Build up your faith

Vision is a mental picture of a future state. It is a picture of your future that your mind has been graced to see. When you start your quest to achieve your vision. There are often no visible signs available nevertheless, you will require faith to keep believing in the possibility of your vision. Because faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen “Hebrew 11:6. Building your faith in the quest of your vision is a continuous exercise. It is never a one time thing. As you keep feeding your mind and thoughts with positive information, your faith will  start to arise and your resolve and determination in accomplishing your vision will become stronger. At a certain point in time you will know without a shadow of a doubt that your vision is possible and you will pursue it with missionary intensity until it comes to past. Faith moves mountains and faith will help you overcome every obstacle on your path to achieving your vision.

                     Today the company Roland Ngole founded Achieve the Vision Academy is on a mission to help individuals to achieve their highest vision. It also helps companies to create a vision driven corporate environment.

Roland´s wisdom nuggets on how to achieve your vision in life are worth implementing to the point.


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