iSwiss Achieves Remarkable Growth in Securitisation Sector


Zurich, Switzerland – iSwiss, a leading Swiss deposit bank, has announced its significant achievements in the securitisation sector, with a total amount of securities issued reaching 3 billion. This remarkable figure represents the growth and consolidation of iSwiss in the securitisation market and is a testament to the company’s innovative and broad vision of the investment instrument.

iSwiss has played a crucial role in promoting securitisation at the European level, with its activities and partnerships demonstrating the potential of this investment instrument. The Swiss banking group has completed 36 securitisation transactions in various markets, showcasing the versatility of securitisation for real estate projects and niche markets like income from gold deposits.

Christopher Aleo, CEO of iSwiss and nominated by Forbes as “Innovator in Finance” for 2022, expressed his pride in the company’s achievements to date and commitment to further improving its business to become a leading player in the securitisation industry.

“We are absolutely proud of our achievements to date,” Aleo said. “The possibilities that securitisation offers are still very large, and that is why iSwiss is working hard to evaluate the latest regulations and opportunities promoted by the European Union and the central banks of the various member states.”

iSwiss has collaborated with important entities like Legal Credit and Rating e Revisioni SPA in various securitisation projects, which have contributed significantly to the success of the company’s operations.

The success of iSwiss in the securitisation sector has decisively refuted doubts and perplexities surrounding this investment instrument, showing the potential of securitisation for investors and the wider financial industry.