Istanbul Gelisim Vocational University

Istanbul Gelisim Vocational University is one of the most powerful Turkish private universities,

which was founded by the Gelisim Group for Science and Culture.

European countries, especially in Avcilar region. Gelisim University is considered one of the most

attractive universities for foreign students for several reasons that we will mention later, but one

of those reasons is that it is one of the most

Private universities in Turkey have a variety of specializations and educational programs for

different educational levels.

Despite its modernity, as it was founded in 2011, it rose strongly among Turkish universities, and

in 2020 won the first university in Turkey. The university aims to leave

Her mark in the most important professional fields.

In society as زاد التعليميه helps out a generation to register in Istanbul Gelisim University This is

through  our efforts to provide the best educational services.

and its keenness on continuous development in all sections.

During this article, you will learn more about the most important things related to Gileshem University, such as:

  • Why would you choose Istanbul Gelisim University to study there?
  • What are the most important majors taught by Istanbul Gelisim University?
  • What acknowledgments and credits does Gelishim Group get?
  • Istanbul Gelisim University in numbers
  • Gelshem University website
  • Is there student housing for Gelshem University
  • Why would you choose Istanbul Gelisim University in order to study there?

Istanbul Gelisim University

Gelisim University is considered one of the most Turkish universities with local and international

accreditation and recognition, which increases the university’s credibility and job opportunities

for students in many countries of the world.

In most of its majors, the university depends on the English language, and a preparatory year can

be done to study the language before the university starts.

The university has a dedicated office for international students and each employee speaks at least

3 primary languages, so the student will not find any difficulty in case he asks about anything, but

the office also provides orientation tours to the university for new students.

The university attracts the best practical cadres from major universities around the world in order

to impart experience and knowledge to its students.

Gelisim University always supports its students in innovation and development through its

various laboratories and research centers. Gelisim University was named the best university

offering financial incentives for research in Turkey, as it won first place in patent applications in

2017, and also won second place in 2018.

The university makes efforts to connect students with science and practical life by enrolling

students in practical workshops from the first semester of the university, through the Office of

Professional Development, which aims to provide students with scientific and practical skills to

develop themselves functionally. The center also supports students through several training

courses that are important for the labor market.

The university is distinguished by the presence of specializations that are few in many Turkish

universities, such as aviation management and its services.

The university provides students with many training opportunities for students to raise their

expertise by contracting with more than 100 institutions inside and outside Turkey.

There are several different student exchange programs at the university. Gelishim University

cooperates with hundreds of universities around the world in different countries such as: the

United States, Germany, Italy, South Korea, China, Japan, Canada, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, and


It is also a member of the European Student Exchange Program ERASMUS which allows students

to complete their studies within an EU university for a period of one semester or more.

What are the most important disciplines taught by Istanbul Gelisim University?

Istanbul Gelisim University has the following faculties:

Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, which includes the following majors and

  • programs that can be studied in either Turkish or English:
  • Business Management
  • and logistics management
  • Aviation Management
  • Tourist guides
  • New media and communication systems
  • Economics and Finance
  • International Trade and Finance
  • Propaganda and advertising
  • Cinema, Radio and Television
  • Public Relations and Marketing
  • Political Science and Public Administration
  • Political Science and International Relations
  • English language and literature
  • Turkish language and literature
  • psychology
  • Sociology
  • Management information systems
  • The Faculty of Fine Arts, which includes the following specializations and programs, which
  • can be studied in Turkish or English:
  • graphic design
  • interior architecture
  • Interior architecture and environmental design
  • Communication Design
  • culinary arts
  • The College of Engineering and Architecture includes specializations taught in either English or Turkish:
  • the industrial engineering
  • civil engineering
  • and software engineering
  • Aviation Engineering
  • architecture engineering
  • and electrical and electronics engineering
  • computer engineering
  • mechatronic engineering
  • Faculty of Dentistry in Turkish
  • Faculty of Physical Education, which includes specializations:
  • sports management
  • Recreation
  • sports coach
  • Exercise and Sports Science
  • Exercise and sports science for people with special needs
  • College of Applied Sciences, which includes specializations:
  • New media and communication systems
  • Written and simultaneous translation from Turkish to English and vice versa
  • Reports and TV programs
  • Banking and insurance services
  • Airframe and engine maintenance
  • culinary arts
  • Management information systems
  • College of Health Sciences, which includes specializations:
  • Health Management
  • Ear and hearing problems
  • Nutrition and Diet
  • Nursing
  • Injection and control
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Occupational Therapy
  • social work
  • child development
  • Speech and language problems treatment
  • A two-year diploma can also be studied at Gelishim University institutes, which include:
  • Istanbul Gelisim Institute, which includes the following specializations in Turkish
  • HR management
  • sea ​​port management
  • and management of aviation reporter
  • Civil Aviation Transport Department (available in English)
  • sports management
  • Tourist guides
  • International Trade
  • Interior Design
  • and graphic design
  • Computer design and animation
  • electronic technology