Islamabad: Explore The Beauty Of Capital Of Pakistan

Islamabad is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In the rating of capital cities, it is considered to be the 2nd most beautiful capitals on the entire planet. On this behalf, you should get your Airline ticket booking as you desire to visit this beautiful city. The city offers many things of interest to share. It has many cultural, historical and natural spots where you can go with your loved ones to have the most pleasant of your times.

The city is covered with the beautiful and astonishing Margalla Hills which doubles the beauty of the city. Lahore is the closest city to Islamabad which is considerably developed a lot and people from Lahore visit the capital city so often. That is why Lahore To Islamabad Flights route is the busiest domestic flight route in Pakistan.

Islamabad is the model of what a modern developed and clean city of Pakistan should look like. The buildings are divided into planned zones laid out as a grid with a vast network of clean and big roads. These roads connect the capital city altogether like a spider web. The city is lush green so the atmosphere of the city is magical; because of this fact the city is the greenest one in the whole country.

You can fly straight to Islamabad from any airline service of your desire. All the good airlines in the world reach this beautiful city. You can get your airline tickets by booking from any vendor of your choice. If you are coming from Lahore then it is best for you. As the route between Lahore to Islamabad is the busiest one, so you can get cheaper flight rates as compared to other routesFlight from Lahore to Islamabad is radially available at much cheaper rates.

The Pakistan Monument:

It is the first thing to do in the morning. Wake up early and get in your car and visit the Pakistan monument which is built at the top of a hill. It is in the very center of the city’s matrix. You should not get late than 9:30 Am. This way you will be able to explore this point better than at the hour of the rush. If you are visiting from Lahore then you can take your Lahore to Islamabad flight at any morning and at night you can reach back to your home in Lahore.

The monument also has its museum which depicts the ancient civilizations and the freedom struggle to get Pakistan. The birth and the major events and achievements of Pakistan with their brief history are mentioned in the museum. If you are interested in the deep historical knowledge of these events then you are very lucky. Because the museum also has its reference library, audiovisual archives and a conference hall which is also known as panorama hall. In this, you can watch the historical documentaries of all the major events of the country.

Centaurus Mall’s Food Court:

Yes, it is not very normal to mention a mall to visit from the outer perspective and as the general media shows. Pakistan looks very conservative country. But if you want to see the open and modern side of the country then this is the place for you. People from upper Punjab just to dine at this place book airline tickets to Islamabad with their loved ones to have a luxury and lovely picnic.

It also has a food court that is full of both local and western food chains that sure can indulge you for a long time. You can go shopping there with the very best quality products the mall has to offer of international standards.

Monal Restaurant, Pir Sohawa:

There is a spot on Margalla hills Daman-e-Koh which is very familiar because of the view of the city it offers. But there is a better place to enjoy a better view and better taste. Further up the hill from this spot there is a lavish restaurant called Monal where you can dine both local and international food types with the high vantage point of the capital city.

The best timing to go to this majestic place is at sunset. The classic view of sunset the true colors of nature will astonish you to your core. It sends a shiver down one’s spine and it enlightens you up. Sure, you can experience the time of your life and for once you should visit this place.

The Faisal Mosque:

Faisal mosque is one of the most beautiful and well-known landmarks in the entire world. It is one of the largest mosques in the country that can hold 100,000 worshippers at once. Furthermore, it has a courtyard which at once can hold 200,000 more worshippers. The structural design of the mosque is very unique. And one of a kind that resembles a Bedouin tent instead of dome-shaped typical structure.

Tourist from all around the world visits this place by booking their airline flights to Islamabad because of its uniqueness. At the time of sunset, this place turns into the illuminating holy place with an orange hue. The sky usually turns purple the structure. Because of its white color reflects the orange sunlight and the prayer call echoes throughout the city. It is one of the best spiritual moments that one can experience in life. The recommended time to visit the place is at sunset.

Every place is the best one and has a uniqueness of its own and one of a kind in its way. So, schedule your Airline Ticket Booking to Islamabad right now and visit this little masterpiece right away.

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