Is wired earphone or wireless earphone better for gaming?

If you are a pro gamer, you may be aware that while playing games, sound plays an important role. All the pro gamers focus their most of the gameplay on sound because if you are able to understand where your opponent is approaching from you will be able to make the first move because the worst thing can be that you are a good gamer and you have good skills but because you don’t have good sound understanding and this can make you lose to a noob who has better sound understanding than you have.

So now that you understand that sound really matters while playing games especially games like PUBG, COD or multiplayer games where you are facing real opponents in the match. Now the question is which one is better when it comes to playing games? Is it wired or wireless?

Lest first discuss about the latency or you can also call this sound lag or delay in audio. In wired earphones there is totally no sound delay, whatever move you will make in the game, it will be heard right away. But when it’s about wireless earphones there is a little sound delay. For example, when you open the door in the game, the sound of door opening will be little delayed, you may hear the door opening sound few seconds later. But if you have a good wireless earphone which has a good chipset like Aptx or any other chipset then this audio delay will be reduced to such as point, it will not even be noticeable anymore for example 0.5 seconds delay, which is not noticeable and doesn’t affect your overall gaming. So we can say in terms of audio delay wired earphones tend to perform better then wireless but we also have to keep this thing in mind that wireless earphones are getting better day by day and they are coming with new technology and chipsets that provide low latency or no latency issues. If you like gaming but you are not a hardcore gamer, you only play casual games or you are playing games to make an earning then you can also buy wireless earphones because apart from gaming wireless earphones have other great features as well such as they are better for workout purpose and travelling. So if you want to find your desired wireless earphones then you can find a wireless earphone on according to your own budget and need.

Now that we know how wireless earphones tend to perform in audio delay lets discuss about how they perform regarding environment sound details. This is a very important feature in an earphone that you should look for while you are purchasing it for gaming. Environment sound details mean to understand from which direction the sound is coming from and this sound understanding can make you a pro player or a noob one as discussed earlier. So, if you are purchasing a wired earphone which is low quality then it will not have good sound details in gaming similarly in wireless earphone, if it’s not of good quality then it also will lack sound detailing. But if you have a good wired or wireless earphone then it may have good sound detailing for games. So, in simple words the environment details both in wired and wireless earphones are same, it only depends upon your budget, if you can purchase a good earphone whether its wired or wireless, it will both have good environment detailing in games.

Finally, now you may be able to understand whether the wired one or wireless one is better for gaming.