Is There Any Free Data Recovery Software For Windows 8.1?

There is a plethora of free data recovery tools available for Windows systems. But out of the lot you’d definitely want to choose the one which is safe to install and is effective as well. In this blog we’ll discuss which data recovery software you should choose to recover data for free in windows 8.1 We’ll outline the features of a best free data recovery software for windows 8.1 so that it becomes easy for you to make a decision.


Which Free Data Recovery Software You Should Choose for Windows 8.1?


If you’ve lost data due to accidental deletion, formatting the drive/volume, virus infection, bad sectors on drive, drive corruption, etc. and want to recover data for free, you can use free version of Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows. This is the best free data recovery tool to recover data from all Windows devices including Windows 8.1. 


Why Stellar’s Free Data Recovery Software Is the Best?


Considering its effectiveness, security, and all other features this is the best free data recovery software for windows 8.1. This data recovery software is safe to install and allows you to save the recoverable data for free. 


Free version of Stellar Data Recovery Software can be installed on all Windows systems including Windows 8.1 and recovers lost or deleted data from it. Apart from this, it can also recover data from any other NTFS, FAT (FAT16/FAT32), and exFAT formatted device such as HDDs, SSDs, SD cards, USB thumb drives, pen drives, etc. attached to your Windows system. 


The software supports recovery of a wide range of file formats. It recovers all types of lost or deleted files such as documents, videos, photos, audio files, Outlook data files, etc. It helps you to add a file type/extension if a type of file you want to recover is by default not added in supported files list of the software. Thus it allows free recovery of virtually any type of file. 


“Deep Scan” feature in this free data recovery tool makes it more powerful. When you turn this feature ON, the software scans and reads each sector on the selected drive and looks into the file signature to help recover every bit of data. By using this feature you can recover data even from severely corrupt drives or RAW drives. 


Steps To Recover Data with Stellar Free Data Recovery Software


Downloading and installing the software is easy. You can click here to download the free version of the software. Once downloaded, you can install the software on your Windows 8.1 system and recover data.


Data Recovery steps:


  • Step 1: Launch the software
  • Step 2: On the first screen from “Select what to Recover” choose the type of files you want to recover, and click “Next”

  • Step 3: Select the drive or locations from “Recover from” window, click “Scan

  • Step 4: After the completion of scanning process, you’ll see a list of all the files including the lost/deleted ones.


  • Step 5: Choose the files you want to recover, and then click “Recover”


You’ll be prompted to Browse a save location.


  • Step 6: On the Recover dialog box, click browse and specify the desired destination for the selected files 


  • Step 7: Once you’ve chosen the location, click “Start Saving”


The selected files will be saved at the desired location. 


Final Words


If you search the internet you can find a lot many free data recovery software for Windows 8.1 system. But out of the lot you must choose a software which is trusted and doesn’t harm your system. The software should also be effective in order to recover data even in a complex data loss situation. One such data recovery software is Stellar Data Recovery. Stellar Data Recovery India has proven to be successful in terms of data recovery from past 25+ years. The free version of this software is the best free data recovery tool for Windows 8.1 and other versions of Windows OS. It has advanced features such as support for the recovery of a wide range of file types, recovery of data from all windows-based devices, powerful scan engine, and so on. You can use this software for free recovery of data in all data loss situations such as malware attack, bad sectors on drive, deletion, formatting, etc.